Disney floats the idea of Haunted Mansion-themed hotel rooms

After a Walt Disney World family holiday, Dr. James Martin was sent an online poll by Disney asking if he'd be interested in returning and staying in a hotel room themed after one of the park's iconic rides, including the Haunted Mansion or Pirate of the Caribbean, or a princess room. The Haunted Mansion room mockups are pretty exciting, and remind me of my lifelong ambition to open a 12-room boutique haunted hotel someday.

Come spend the night with a few of the happy haunts who play in an enchanted bedroom inspired by the Haunted Mansion. Rest atop the floating Doom Buggy beds with a couple of friendly spooks and watch glow-in-the-dark, cartoon-like footsteps mysteriously appear as the evening sets in. A sliding bookcase creates a hidden passage to the bathroom and is the perfect hiding place for a hitch-hiking ghost. Oversized furnishings with curvy lines and bright colors add to the whimsy in the room. Guests will delight in finding the hidden special effects that play up the merry, rather than scary, room ambiance.

Would you stay in a Haunted Mansion themed hotel room? [Matt Roseboom/Attractions Magazine]

(via Mouse in Mansion)


  1. I thought that the purpose of a hotel room was to get some sleep, not to lie awake all night, cowering under the covers, due to some ghosts. 

  2. Sorry those rooms look like a bad modern Tim Burton version of the Haunted Mansion.  If they are going to look like that I pass. 

  3. Too cartoonish. It would be cool to stay in a room modeled after the Mansion if they kept the Victorian era look to it. They made it cutsey to appeal to kids, when there’s far more adults who’d want the experience than kids.

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  4. Dream Park, 1981.

    “They had reached the elevator. Lenore motioned them in. “Room seven-oh-two-four, on the seventh floor. And I hope you have a pleasant stay here at Dream Park.” She gave the slightest of curtsies, and slowly turned transparent. Only her ringing laughter was still with them as the doors slid shut.”

    “Holy spit.” Ollie pushed the door further open, then stepped in, Gwen close behind. The room was an Edward Gorey opium dream. Dark twisted plants grew meter-high from rudely-stitched planters made of some kind of animal skin. The canopy over the bed fluttered without a breeze. Rain blew against the panes with a sound of crackling bacon. Things moved out there in the dark, and even the shadows on the wall seemed to flux with a strange rhythm. When Gwen looked at the bed closely she could see that the spread was slowly rising to normal level, as if someone had gotten off it the instant before the door opened.

    “Wonderful books. Oh Noes! I just saw that they wrote a 4th book in 2011. I’m going to have to go read them again now.

  5. I love when these kinds of blue-sky renderings make it out into the world.  There’s so much cool stuff that gets designed that nobody will ever be allowed to see.

    1. That’s why I love the Blue Sky Cellar at Carsland (well, not inside Carsland, but just on the border), all the little bits and pieces that make up that world, some of which got made and didn’t end up in the park displays. It’s like reading an author’s annotated version of a book, all the wonderful little secrets. I loved Stanley’s radiator cap samples display case. I wish they would do that in more ‘Lands’.

      I’ve been reading up a bit on the Haunted Mansion original design. I wish we had a place to see the history of that design as well. Sometimes the magic works best when you get a bit of the history and artifacts behind it.

  6. I agree, just a little bit to cartoony. Needs more Victorian distress and looming portraits. 
    Also, everybody is gonna try to steal those bedspreads. heck, I’m allready hatching a plot to steal those bedspreads – and they don’t even exist yet!

  7. I really want to stay in a room that belongs in the Hollywood Tower Hotel, but I would take a Mansion room in a dead bride’s heartbeat.

  8. “. . .and remind me of my lifelong ambition to open a 12-room boutique haunted hotel someday.”  Good god man, have you seen the prices on pre-packaged ghosts!?!  Let’s not even mention the cobweb sprayers, or the gallons of hinge-creaker fluid you’d have to invest in.

  9. Cory — the original article is from 2010.  Is there some new news about these illustrations?

  10. Maybe have a mix of Victorian type rooms and the ‘cartoon’ type rooms – this would appeal to adults and kids who enjoy HM and want the full HM experience or a version of  HM.

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