How Wirecutter's Brian Lam works

My friend Brian Lam, whom I recently visited in Hawaii, knows how to live—and work. He wrote a wonderful piece for Lifehacker that you must read. Snip:

I recommend everyone either fix your job or quit it. The best thing I ever did was get out of news. There is an undeniable truth that when you're in a job, you have to do the job under certain terms and constraints and stresses that you have no way of avoiding. But no one said you have to keep jobs that drive you nuts.
Brian runs The Wirecutter and does fascinating stories about the ocean, some of which we've published here on Boing Boing. He's launching a new site soon.

Here is an adorable photograph of Brian doing kung fu on the beach as a child.


  1. I love Brian Lam.  I’m glad he found a new home.  That whole iPhone fiasco was such insane BS.  I’ll never forgive Gizmodo for that.

  2. So basically, he is selling stuff that is made under horrible conditions by Foxconn employees. 
    Nice for him. No envy.
    But selling that as a role model is questionable.

    1. If you have figured out a way to escape culpability in all this mess you should be writing a book, not commenting at blogs.

  3. I love work; it fascinates me; I can sit and watch it for hours.
    Jerome K. Jerome

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