PBS: The Movie, a PBS Meets The Avengers parody short

Steven Hudson of Cinesaurus, who produced this excellent nerd short, says:

It seems that we live in a world where more young people aspire to be future Kardashians and Jersey Shore-folk rather than scientists, teachers, and artists. With recurring threats of tossing PBS onto the federal chopping block, the final hope for our future rests in the hands of our childhood PBS superheroes. Carl Sagan recruits Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye the Science Guy to form a team that must free young minds from the shackles of reality television. Think PBS meets The Avengers.

"If you wish to create a power team from scratch, you must first invent the universe." Watch: "PBS: The Movie."


    1. Good point. I didn’t realize it at the time I was watching it, but one of the nice things about Sesame Street is that both the Muppets and the people were a pretty broad spectrum. I remember my mother telling me this was controversial at the time, and my first thought, naive as I was, was, “Why?”

  1. Nertz. Given the M83-ish feel to the opening score, by the time they’re blowing past the receptionist at 1:42 I was primed to hear Bill Nye say, “Fuck you, Sally.” Still, a great preview; when does it open?

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