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15 Responses to “PBS: The Movie, a PBS Meets The Avengers parody short”

  1. But bOING-bOING The Movie would have 100% more goggles and capes!

  2. sockdoll says:

    I’d much rather see PBS meets the Mystery Men.

  3. Nathalie Pelletier says:

    this needs some muppets

  4. Mother Joker says:

    Mr. Rogers is so bad ass.

  5. Hannukah Dreidl says:

    Ummmm… all white dudes, no muppets?!

    • Christopher says:

      Good point. I didn’t realize it at the time I was watching it, but one of the nice things about Sesame Street is that both the Muppets and the people were a pretty broad spectrum. I remember my mother telling me this was controversial at the time, and my first thought, naive as I was, was, “Why?”

  6. s2redux says:

    Nertz. Given the M83-ish feel to the opening score, by the time they’re blowing past the receptionist at 1:42 I was primed to hear Bill Nye say, “Fuck you, Sally.” Still, a great preview; when does it open?

  7. feargal6 says:

    Alas, the idols of our childhoods haven’t been producing for years. PBS, NPR
    and CPB have since become embarrassingly corrupted by the money
    mountains of corporate PR firms and the US State Department: