Guatemala: "San Rafael Mine State of Siege," photo-essay by James Rodriguez


3 Responses to “Guatemala: "San Rafael Mine State of Siege," photo-essay by James Rodriguez”

  1. Diego Robles says:

    What can we spect here, if our president is a murderer. He participated in civil war massacres. Is a genocide. 

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    I, for one, am shocked that ‘soldiers in APCs suppressing the uppity locals’ is not mentioned on the blandly warm-and-fuzzy “Community” section of the corporate overlord’s website…

  3. Why am I reminded of Annie Leonard’s definition of “natural resources” in Story of Stuff: “Our stuff, that other people just happen to be living on top of.”

    Although given where this is happening, I should probably be remembering a certain Bruce Cockburn song instead. Because God help the Guatemalan people if those days are coming back.

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