Gull eats starfish, auditions for role as LOL animal


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  1. Dave McCaig says:

    I caught this gull trying to eat a starfish a couple of years ago in Vancouver. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how he fit it all in there. 

    • Elizabeth Coleman says:

      I watched one in a similar situation. It was just hanging out on the beach, one starfish leg in its mouth. But then, it would spit it out, turn it around, and suck on a different leg. We theorized that it was actually softening up the leg in its crop. The sucked-on leg was much limper and squishier than the others. 

  2. GawainLavers says:

    “And now I’ll just chew up this Reddit moderator: nom, nom, GURK!

  3. DevinC says:

    The other echinoderms sniggered at Samson for working out all the time, but he had the last laugh.  Or he would have, if starfish could laugh.

  4. Supernumerary says:

    One of my favorite perfumes, Seagull Eating a Starfish:

  5. Listener43 says:

    “[the gulls] might be prompting one species of starfish to slowly turn a different color — an adaptation that makes the species less visible to gulls.”

    Well, that seems a bit foolish on the gulls’ part, doesn’t it?

  6. 10xor01 says:

    When I was a child our English Bulldog did the same thing with a dried starfish brought home from a vacation Florida.  Dogs don’t digest them very well.

  7. wrybread says:

    Ha great pic. I got lucky with this video of a gull doing his business a couple of weeks ago:

  8. timquinn says:

    Remember the story about the moths adapting to the darker bark of industrial age trees? Faked.

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