JOHN WILCOCK: A Job at the New York Times (1959)

Chapter Four concludes with a job at the New York Times travel desk, a bit of music from the Monk Quartet, and a rotten act from Norman Mailer.

By Persoff and Marshall

From an ongoing interview and biography of John Wilcock, a prolific editor and publisher of 1960's underground newspapers. Visit John's website for an entertaining weekly column of news and commentary.

Bonus Material—From previous episodes in the John Wilcock comic:

Arriving in New York (1954)
Co-Founding the Village Voice
Editing Norman Mailer
Norman Mailer's Columns for the Village Voice
A Young Norman Mailer is Haunted by His Future Self
and Old Norman Mailer Battling Young Norman Mailer

We return with Chapter Five next, 1960!

Published 8:21 am Thu, May 2, 2013

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From the comic book biography of John Wilcock, by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall. See previous installments here and here.)

Ethan Persoff (Twitter) is a cartoonist, based in Austin TX. His other comic project is Radio Wire.

Scott Marshall (Facebook) is an illustrator, sound artist, and art director, based in New York City. Previous projects include audio work for Woody Allen (Small Time Crooks), and two scores for full-length dance pieces by choreographer Lar Lubovitch (Men's Stories, The Black Rose).

NEWS: John Wilcock recently celebrated his 88th birthday. He welcomes your email.

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