OpenWorm: an artificial life sim of an earthworm

Wagner James Au sez, "OpenWorm, as the name suggests, is a collaborative open source project to computationally create a simple artificial life form -- an earth worm -- from the cellular level to a point where it's sophisticated enough to solve basic problems. They're still in early stages, with the latest demo, a developer on the project tells me, being 'a particle simulation of five connected muscle segments moving together through a body of water.'"

An Open Source Artificial Life Project Called OpenWorm (Thanks, James!)


  1. Call me when we’ve open-sourced an entire can of them, and we’ll talk.

  2.  It’s not an earthworm, its Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). A nematode. They only have around 900 cells and the “brain” (actually, it’s a ganglion ring) is completely mapped. It’s a model organism and they have been trying to make artificial versions of this thing for a while

  3. The Worms games are the only earthworm simulator I’ll ever need. I’m not going to let some stuffy scientists tell me that earthworms can’t use ropes to swing on or use bunker busters to take out their enemies.

    1. This could be the start of an all-worm version of Dorf Fortress. Worms with lava traps, perpetual motion engines and wardogs; what’s not to like?

      “Aerate the earth!”

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