Tiny alien skeleton suspected of being human


This tiny skeleton, just 6 inches long, was found a decade ago in Chile's Atacama Desert. Scientists now report that DNA and other test results prove that it is human. Fox Mulder believes otherwise. "Alien-Looking Skeleton Poses Medical Mystery" (Discovery, thanks Syd Garon!)

And here is more about this specimen's provenance and its unwitting participation in a new documentary about ETs visiting Earth, titled Sirius.


  1. The really strange bit is that the remains are supposedly those of a six to eight year old child.  A six-inch high six year old.  I can’t even…

    1. DNA and other tests suggest the individual was a human and was 6 to 8 years of age when he or she died

      yeah, i call shenanigans; last i heard (and of course i could be out of the loop) there is still no fully accepted means to estimate human age by DNA.  for instance, the rate of telomeric shortening varies according to genetic background.   so shooting from the hip, i say that’s a mummified ~16 week old fetus (fetal length vs age chart)  “and other tests” don’t appear to be specified.

      1.  The main problem I see with that idea is that a fetus should have incomplete bone development (fontanelles and the like). There should be easily seen differences between the skeleton of a fetus and that of a child or adult. Of course, the notion that it’s the remains of a fetus that had some major abnormalities in its skeletal development seems more sensible than a lot of the alternatives…

        1. yep Occam/Ockham’s electric razor applied liberally.  suppose, for example, that out of burial respect for a miscarriage the fetal remains were bound up tightly, thus squeezing the as yet un-calcified skull.  no need for Indiana-Jones and the magnetic gun-powder ((wtf??)) here.

      2. The openminds.tv link would agree with you, and sez:

        “Taken as a whole, the proportions of the anatomical structures (skeleton and softer parts), the level of development of each one of its bones and its macroscopic configuration, allow us to interpret it without any shadow of doubt as a completely normal mummified fetus…Both based on the total length of the body as well as the length of the bones, it can be estimated that it’s a fetus in an approximate gestation period close to 15 weeks.”

        Discovery channel? Go figure.

        1. I’m surprised they could find a break in their 24/7 schedule of inbred rednecks hurting themselves.

  2. In this case I really want more than a few matching base pair sequences before a decisive declaration that it’s human. Because, you know, phenotype… morphology… all that. It would be a different matter if there were any preexisting examples of humans with this kind of stunting / developmental abnormality, but it’s smaller than a viable fetus and hence not even explicable as an instance of extreme dwarfism.

    1. “A few matching base pairs” would match humans to viruses.  It takes a lot more than “a few” to make a match. They say humans and chimps have 98% in common, so humans and other humans would have to match a lot closer than 98%.

      A hypothetical alien, OTOH, might not have DNA at all, but some other compound, and it would certainly match no more than a few base pairs, having no common ancestor with us.

      So yea, it should be really really easy to tell human DNA from alien.

  3. Here’s the problem. None of your are thinking 4th dimensionally! 
    Think about it. Maybe this is from the far far future. Or the distance past.  

  4. With all the weird things going on in nature already, i’d search a little harder for an explanition then taking the giant leap of “it’s aliens”.

  5.  “Alien” does mean foreign or strange to humanity.  Sure, lots of stuff we haven’t seen yet.

    But Shroedinger’s, right?  Those aliens might be popping up all over the place, unseen, and unhindered in their seagull sized spacecraft.

  6. Maybe a Nurse Gollum from South Park kind of thing?

    Deformed, conjoined twin that survived attached to their sibling 6-8 years. Would explain how it could survive at that size.


  7. Check out this image or Robert Ripley with “Atta-Boy”, a mummified Jivaro child, from the cover of his second book. Look familiar?

    1. Jesus Christ, is that what Ripley looked like?  I wouldn’t have believed a word that came out of his mouth!  (When I was a kid, I thought Jack Palance was Ripley.)

  8. found a decade ago in Chile’s Atacama Desert

    That is an odd way of saying “dug up by a grave robber”.
    When something looking exactly like a dried human fetus is dug up, wrapped in a piece of cloth, the simplest explanation is “some grieving parent buried a stillborn fetus”.

    1. Deserts have a way of eroding and bringing things to the surface. Digging isn’t necessary.

      1. I don’t think so. The Atacama is a very stable landscape, also in matters of aeolian erosion. @google-31ed39eddf8a72a4d1685bdfcf392d8f:disqus has a valid point. Also, the fetus was sold. Which makes it robbery. It’s the cultural heritage of the people who lived there.

        Just for the record, because I have strong feelings about it: it’s not prior informed consent that makes life difficult for field workers in any discipline, it’s the bureaucracy and lack of rule-of-law.

  9. Partially eaten octopus, thrown from window of moving vehicle sometime spring of 1977. “Reconstructed” by American ex-pat amateur crypto-zoologist at local self-funded museum in 1993. Sold to shaman  at flea market in 2004. Seized by authorities as un-documented antiquity 2010 and turned over to present caretaker. Unexamined since due to legal entanglements.

  10. some people suggested that its a mutant fetus in feto, a twin that got somehow enveloped by the growing other twin’s body in utero. it would be found maybe inside the other twin’s body. The pressure as well as the surrounding normal tissue would deform the thing so it looks alien. if the normal twin lived to 6-8 years old, then being a fetus in feto would explain how the epiphyseal plates of the thing look like those of a child 6-8 years old (afaik this is the only reason why the 6-8 year age was mentioned). Being nourished by the first twin’s body would explain how the thing lived 6-8 years and being bathed in hormones from the first twin would cause the thing’s bones to age and fuse like the first twin’s bones

    that possibility is consistent with the DNA results that say its human

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