8-year-old's invention for keeping books dry in the bath


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  1. SumAnon says:

    Very interesting, but how do you keep the steam/humility from the bath water from warping the book?

    • TheKaz1969 says:

      I’ve never warped a book with humility before.. then again, I’ve never been accused of having much humility…

    • SamSam says:

      The book looks pretty warped already. When I was eight, books were for reading, not for looking pristine. Now, unfortunately, I keep borrowing good books from other people who started to look perturbed at the dog-eared covers I handed back to them, so I have to keep my books looking pretty.

      I’d do this in the bath with one of my own books, though. 

      • SumAnon says:

        I have some books I wouldn’t care about, if they got a little bent out of shape. But I also have some out of print or non-mass produced novels that i’d have a heart attack over.

      • Frank Lee Scarlett says:

        When I choose a book to read in the tub, I avoid first editions and rare pressings. I read a lot, so that leaves me with many other choices. A little steam warping in the line of duty is something I can accept.

        And to the innovator of this fine reading tool, I can only say “Bravo!” Pure awesomeness. I am definitely using this method next time I read in the tub. It’ll work much better than my current towel-dependent system that’s more oriented to damage control than it is to comfortable, stress-free tub reading.

    • I think you could only get warped humility from a home despot.

  2. That is pretty brilliant, I gotta admit.

    • poxijubijabi says:

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  3. John Aydelotte says:

    More impressive than Thor’s hammer for me.  That 8yo has a bright future!

  4. Dan Metcalf says:

    Genius! Now give her a spreadsheet of the national debt. She’ll have it all sorted in a jiffy…

  5. edgore says:

    That is brilliant. I just need one strong enough for an iPad – and I guess a mechanism like this would also, technically, cancel out some of the weight!

    • Shohanna says:

       Just add another suction cup for the Ipad, (on the end that attaches to the book) so it sucks coming and going. ROFL.

    • SumAnon says:

      iPads and electronics are easy! Just put them in a good Ziplock freezer bag and push out most of the air before sealing. An easy and reliable way to waterproof. Works with phones and portable games too!

  6. ScytheNoire says:

    Not an invention. It’s an innovation. We need to teach people the difference if we ever want to begin to fix the patent system problems. Almost everything is an innovation, building on works that came before it. Invention is a myth.

  7. rocketpj says:

    Great for my endless supply of thrift store classic sf novels, terrible for my library books.  But I rarely take baths, so it is a non-issue I guess.  (6’4″ means most modern tubs can only submerge about 1/3 of my body at a time, and I am scrunched up like a pretzel.)

  8. Cubey says:

    It’s a clever little rig, but it might be more practical to use an ebook reader or tablet in a sealed baggie.

    • OtherMichael says:

      I’d love to see the burn-rate in your A/B  testing on those ideas.

      Most 8 years olds of my acquaintance could not afford table one (same as me).

    • teapot says:

      The Pantech Element and Sony Xperia Z tablet are waterproof…. I’d suggest getting one of those instead of sticking your tablet in a baggie.

  9. Timothy Krause says:

    Genius, with a nice touch of Buster Keaton’s condiment machine. 

  10. Alejandro Avalos says:

    Home Despot, for all your tyrannical needs 

  11. Katey Corrigan says:

    Cute. Unfortunately my current bathtub does not have a functioning drain plug and I can’t take baths, but I do keep a selection of cheap, used paperback editions of favorite books for reading in the tub and at the beach or on airplanes. 
    Even if you’re going to dog ear and warp and crease the cover etc, none of these things make the book unreadable. Accidental submersion is pretty dire. This ‘innovation’ (look ma, I read the other comments) simply protects from dropping the book in the tub, its not meant to keep a first edition pristine.

  12. crummett says:

    When is her TED talk?

  13. pjcamp says:

    You sure that’s what it is? Looks like a device for smacking yourself in the head with a suction cup.

  14. zbeast says:

    I keep my books dry all the time.. I just put my ipad into a ziplock bag…
    I can read in the tub, in that jacuzzi and the pool.

  15. As seen on Boingboing.  Call now and we’ll send you a matching shampoo collar at no additional cost.

  16. Randy Bulla says:

    Don’t want to warp a book? Don’t take a bath. Ever.

  17. David Walker says:

    A cracking contraption.

  18. I like to read in the Jacuzzi at my JCC. I usually read magazines, but once in awhile a paperback. Nothing that can’t withstand a dunking. Kid’s smart 

  19. skreader says:

     Nice idea/innovation. Need for care – some suction cup hooks wear out and others never stick reliably. There’s one above my tub that randomly comes off with the weight of a washcloth.  Plastic hooks w/ sticky stuff are more reliable.  That said, in almost 40 years of reading paper-based books in a tub, I’ve only had 2 accidents where the book got seriously wet & only one where it was warped so badly I had to get rid of it.

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