Free/CC kids' picture book: The Story of a Piece of Paper


6 Responses to “Free/CC kids' picture book: The Story of a Piece of Paper”

  1. Elizabeth Sudano says:

    Her name (per the pdf) appears to be Natalie Jubb.

  2. tacochuck says:

    I can’t be the only one who cringes to see a rabbit being picked up by the ear(s) can I?

    Please never pick a rabbit up by the ears, it is painful and often results in permanent damage.

    You also should not pick up an adult rabbit by the scruff of the neck. Once they are adults they need to have their whole body supported when being picked up.

    • Cary Allen says:

       No, everyone who has ever loved a rabbit (or just happens to know how wrong this is) cringes when they see depictions of that cruelty

  3. fragmentalist says:

    Wow, I am honored, and I don’t even mind that Cory misspelled my name :)

  4. Cain Markham says:

    Which creative commons license?  By? By-SA? By_NC-SA? By_ND? Those are important to have there instead of just Creative Commons.

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