Hannah Peel covers OMD's "Electricity" on an antique music box

Rick sez, "Hannah Peel found an old musical box in her grandmother's trunk, and rebuilt it, sampled it, looped it and created this lovely cover version of the OMD song Electricity. The very inexpensive EP includes similar versions of Blue Monday and Tainted Love. Exquisite!"

Electricity - Hannah Peel (Thanks, Rick)


  1. I’m not sure that she sampled the music box. If you look at this video, she’s definitely running a roll of paper through a music box. I’d say she programmed an early synthesizer.

  2. Is it possible to accurately cover any songs by the Cocteau Twins? I mean, as far as I know, they haven’t released the lyrics, and who has any real idea what they’re saying? It sounds like she did a nice job on all the songs though. And for real? Turning a tiny handcrank for 3+ minutes each to play those songs (and hole-punching hundreds of feet of paper to make it happen)? That earns her a paid download of the songs.

  3. i assume she’s using one of these, mounted to an old mandolin or something. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/8f7f/  i have mine mounted to an old ukulele. you can create a full-length piece by taping a bunch of the paper strips together. there’s even an iOS app to aid in creating music for the paper strips.

    1. This is an incredibly misleading post.  I agree, she is probably using an off-the-shelf paper programmable “music box”.  This is a clear case of PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

  4. I believe that she is currently touring in the UK with John Foxx + The Maths and OMD…what a great lineup.  She has another album, and a new single, not music box, but lovely nonetheless.

  5. I love it because it’s imperfect, it has a wabi-sabi vulnerability that’s charming in a world of over-production. It lays the song bare and sounds human and soothing!

  6. But there’s no link. I’d rather not go to iTunes, but I’m getting tired of trying to find this somewhere else. Bandcamp was the first place I looked, but her Bandcamp hasn’t been used since 2011 (for only one track).

  7. well, I know I’m not the first to say it, but this just won’t do. You have a link to itunes, and we all know that clicking that link causes the death of a baby…AN ETHNIC BABY! Also, last time I checked, music boxes cause cancer or something, and loss-less FLAC files are the only way to hear music and whatnot.

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