PLOS Computational Biology wants your t-shirt designs

Alan sez, "The fine folk doing open-access science at PLOS are once again crowd-sourcing their T-shirt design. They want something that 'appeal[s] to the computational biology community and encapsulate[s] a recent advance or innovation in the field.' You have until May 14 to submit ideas for a shirt that will debut at their July meeting in Berlin."


  1. PLOS Comp Bio is a fantastic open source journal.  The more press they get the better.

    1. ‘Computational Biology’ is kind of a nebulous term that describes the science of  application of modern computational techniques, data analysis, math and stats to solve problems in biology and interpret biological data. It’s similar but not the same as ‘Bioinformatics’, which is more about developing the techniques and methodology used for interpreting biological data – sort of more of an engineering discipline, as opposed to Comp Bio, which is primarily a study of biological science. 

      I haven’t heard the term ‘Biological Computation’, but it sounds like it could be the same thing – The field is very new and dynamic, so there’s understandably a lot of loosely defined and overlapping terms. 

      1. I was imagining using biological components for computation; neorons on a chip, that kind of thing. I’ve no idea if biological computation is the proper term for it, though.

  2. Once again. Artists are asked to do work on spec with no payment. Bragging rights don’t pay the rent.

    1. Hey, it’s a free, open-source journal. Not to mention a highly reputable and well-known one in a field with a strong community. I would be totally fine with donating art for it, and would happily brag incessantly about having done so.

    1. You could sneak in some memes and viable mutations and maybe a sublet or sari compatibility (yeah, I’m a 3T if the aircon is really blasting…) or commission if you used teh clever. You could have it relate to your research or its funding! There ya go! What vertical art market did you free-vault, and what vaulters did you have to pay to own your position, I would wonder in IgElalia.

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