Former Tory mayor admits to beating up woman who videod him parking illegally

Brian Coleman, a former Conservative mayor and concillor has admitted to assaulting a constituent who was video-recording him while he parked illegally to use an ATM. Coleman had been unpopular for passing strict parking rules, and the woman whom he assaulted was a local parking campaigner.

Coleman, of Essex Road in Finchley, was ordered to pay £1,385, including a £270 fine, prosecution costs of £850 and £250 to the victim as compensation.

Ms Michael, 50, a mother-of-two, who suffered injuries including scratches to her wrist and soreness to her shoulder and chest, called on Coleman to resign.

She said: "[I was] looking at my phone and all of a sudden he's upon me, it was pure shock.

"I think he's bullied and intimidated people for a long long time and I think he has now got what has been long overdue."

Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman admits parking row attack [BBC] Read the rest

Ben Laurie on BitCoin

I wrote yesterday about Dan Kaminsky's excellent thoughts on BitCoin, and wished aloud for comparable work from Ben Laurie. It turns out such work exists: here's Ben's critique of BitCoin, and here's his proposal for an alternative. Both are short, clear, excellent reads. Read the rest

Austin "You" Grossman and Robin "Mr Penumbra" Sloan reading, San Francisco, May 11

The next SF-in-SF free science fiction event looks like a seriously fabulous evening: both Austin Grossman (author of YOU) and Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore) will give a free reading and then take part in a discussion with host Terry Bisson. It's on Sat May 11, and free (though donations to Variety Children's Charity are solicited). Read the rest

12-year-old calls out cop for illegal parking, cop refuses to provide badge number

In this short video, a young man who identifies himself as a 12-year-old named Jeremy approaches a Las Vegas Metro motorcycle cop who has illegally parked his motorcycle on a sidewalk, apparently in order to get a soft drink. The young man politely asks the cop if he had any emergency reason to park, and then requests his badge number. The cop refuses to answer either question, and asks Jeremy if he is a lawyer. Jeremy avows again that he is a 12-year-old, and reiterates his request for a badge number. The cop continues to refuse, and eventually drives off. Perhaps the officer can be identified through this footage and reported to a superior who can work with him to correct his misunderstandings about his relationship to the law and his obligations to the public.

Cop called out by a 12 year old for illegally parking his motorcycle. Refuses to give his badge number. ( Read the rest

Chase your own unicorn with these Unicornicopia shoes

The Unicornicopia Pumps from Iron Fist "run slightly small", according to several shoppers. Read the rest

Defense Distributed claims working 3D printed handgun

Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson claims he has attained his stated goal of 3D printing a working handgun. There's no footage of it firing yet, nor details on how many rounds it fires before the plastic is worn out. And although this is a fascinating provocation, it is not (yet) a game-changer, especially in America where traditional guns (capable of firing thousands of rounds without melting down) are cheap and easy to get. You can even "3D print" a gun by asking different CNC shops to cut and overnight you all the parts to make up a working gun, breaking the job down into small pieces that are unlikely to arouse suspicion.

All sixteen pieces of the Liberator prototype were printed in ABS plastic with a Dimension SST printer from 3D printing company Stratasys, with the exception of a single nail that’s used as a firing pin. The gun is designed to fire standard handgun rounds, using interchangeable barrels for different calibers of ammunition.

Technically, Defense Distributed’s gun has one other non-printed component: the group added a six ounce chunk of steel into the body to make it detectable by metal detectors in order to comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act. In March, the group also obtained a federal firearms license, making it a legal gun manufacturer.

This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Photos) [Andy Greenberg/Forbes] Read the rest