Austin "You" Grossman and Robin "Mr Penumbra" Sloan reading, San Francisco, May 11

The next SF-in-SF free science fiction event looks like a seriously fabulous evening: both Austin Grossman (author of YOU) and Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore) will give a free reading and then take part in a discussion with host Terry Bisson. It's on Sat May 11, and free (though donations to Variety Children's Charity are solicited).


  1. I’ve been to these readings and they are great. Great venue, interesting guest and interesting discussions afterward. I’m going to go. Austin Grossman’s “Soon I will be Invincible” was one of my favorite book of that year. Very, very funny and took a really interesting look at the evil mad geniuses. Answering the question many of us have about super villains  ‘What’s their deal?” 

    I got to hear Steven Gould of “Jumper” fame and his wife Laura J. Mixon-Gould, read from their books. I bought a copy of Laura’s book “Up Against it” which she wrote under the moniker M.J. Locke
    and it was really good. If you are a fan of Cory’s work and writing about the surveillance society and of Charlie Stross’s “what happens when AI develop” you will find this book filled observations on these issues. 

    One of the things that got to ask about was the history of the movie adaptation of the book Jumper. I loved the book series, but hated the movie because of the wooden acting and overreaching script. When I asked Gould how he felt about them messing up his book he said something that surprised me. “The book, as I originally wrote it still exists. It’s still on the shelve for people to read it. When the movie came out it was back on the best seller list again. And the money from the movie allowed me and Laura to keep writing books full time. 

    So I’m glad that he profited from the book, I’m just disappointed that Hollywood didn’t have the sense to get a better script and actors. They took a fascinating look about  escape from abusive parents and what it takes to become an ethical adult (with a super power) and turned it into a travelogue with some bogus team of hunters with some historical crusade against Jumpers. The book had nothing like that. 

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