Smuggled dinosaur bones returned to Mongolia


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  1. jerwin says:

    The photos are tagged  as “Cultural Artifacts.” Not being a Young Earth Creationist, I find this a little odd.

  2. autark says:

    I’m kind of curious about where “bataar” came from. Knowing that transliterations of words can always be tricky… but Baatar (or sometimes Bator) is the Mongolian word for Hero, as in Ulaanbaatar (Red Hero), named after Sükhbaatar (Axe Hero).

    • Scott Elyard says:

      I was once told that it was a misspelling when _Tarbosaurus bataar_ was originally named.

      (Annoying since I learned this just after I’d issued postcards of a print I made of a T. bataar drawing, but I guess it’s technically accurate, since that’s the way it is in the literature.)

  3. Mr. Protocol says:

    Whaa-hoo!  They seized it AFTER it sold at auction for 1.05 million!  The guy who actually did the looting seems to have made off with the profits, and the unlucky bidder is left holding the bag!  Unless the seizure happened before the guy paid, but the way those auctions work, I bet not…

    • Scott Elyard says:

      I believe the winning bid would be paid only on the contingency of it being a valid fossil to sell. 

  4. CLamb says:

    Will these be turned over to native dinosaurs for a proper burial?

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