Stormtrooper on a unicycle

Something something a little short something something.

While driving, I came across what appears to be a stormtrooper riding a unicycle. ( (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


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  1. This is just basic stormtrooper training to work in an AT-ST. Lots of balance is required.

  2. It took me a while to see the scout trooper — I was intrigued by what appear to be ejection seat safety stickers inside the door.  At least I hope they are ejection seat stickers: otherwise they are stickers warning you to not fall out of your seat or hit your head on the door frame, which would be idiotic.

    1. I wonder if the vehicle is modified with some sort of chair lift for a physically disabled person?

      1. You can zoom in on the picture. The one on the left says “Warning: extend seat and recline seat to safe position before using seat.” The one on the right says “Warning: lower head to clear vehicle door header.” So they are just the idiotic version.

  3. No one WANTED to be Vader’s Jester.  Between him and the Emperor, you were always one bad “take my clone, please” joke away from death.

    But Jake had an idea.  A magical, one wheeled idea. Yes…he would be Jester.  And he would make Vader smile, even if it was, indeed, the last thing he ever did.

  4. “Aren’t you a little short to be a Storm Trooper?”

    That line has always struck me as odd, because Luke isn’t particularly short. In fact, his white armor seems to fit just fine. Also, Solo often calls him, “kid,” which is odd because while he does look older, the age difference isn’t huge.

    Here’s my theory: these, and a few other glitches, are relics of a first draft of a script in which Skywalker was to be played by a child actor.  Plucky kid saves the galaxy. When Mark Hamill was cast, maybe they revised things, but missed a few lines. Also, the unicycle was vetoed by Hamill’s agent for insurance reasons.

    1. Luke isn’t particularly short, but if all stormtroopers were supposed to be clones, any deviation from Jango-Fett-size would be strange.

        1. When that too-tall-trooper bonks his head on the doorframe, I guess we were meant to infer that he was another rogue stowaway fake trooper, too.

        2. You’re right if we’re talking about a story that developed from the 1970s through today. But when retconning, you have to look at the whole universe or whole canon, not just the snippets of it that we saw in 1977 or 1983.

          Anyway, doesn’t Obi-Wan mention the Clone Wars in Ep IV? It’s not difficult to make it fit.

          …said the princess to the Sith Lord.

    2. Mark Hamill was 26 and 5′-9″; Harrison Ford was 35 and 6′-1″.

    3. Also, the unicycle was vetoed by Hamill’s agent for insurance reasons.

      Too bad.  The chase through the forest on Endor would have been so much better on unicycles.

  5. Forget the stormtrooper.  Look at the architectural abomination behind him/her.  Just look at it.

  6. “It’s not about what you love, it’s about how you love it” – Wil Wheaton.

  7. Before their encounters with the Ewoks, Scout Troopers usually died by flying into trees at 200 mph. This geezer might just be scouting at a safer pace to ease the stress that the personnel department has to deal with. By surviving for longer.

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