Our great, collective, ongoing realization that wiping out all the bacteria in our bodies may not actually be a great idea marches on. At Scientific American, Deborah Franklin writes about chronic halitosis — the sort of bad breath that doesn't go away with a simple brushing — and scientists' efforts to cure it by encouraging the growth of some mouth bacteria, instead of pouring Listerine on everything and letting God sort it out.

4 Responses to “Working with your microbiome to produce better-scented breath”

  1. showme says:

    While of course bad breath is, well, bad, I would much rather have a mix of bacteria in my mouth geared toward eliminating ones that decay teeth rather than ones that make my breath bad.

  2. welcomeabored says:

    Just saw this on Neatorama.  I’m guessing the bugs could be S. matens then.


  3. endrest says:

    There’s a reason they put parsley on your plate and it isn’t for garnish –it’s to rid bad breath from within, not masking it like breath mints do. Listerine and similar can’t kill the bacteria like your own body can with the aid of parsley. And it’s chock-full of vitamins!

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