New Tom Gauld print: "Some advice on how to cope in these tough times"


9 Responses to “New Tom Gauld print: "Some advice on how to cope in these tough times"”

  1. Raederle says:

    Does the Unnameable Terror remind anyone else of the Vermicious Knids?

  2. Boundegar says:

    Pfft.  That’s not Lord Zorvax. Lord Zorvax has bigass wings (and also big asswings.) And that unnameable terror should have quite a few more than two dimensions.

    (Also I love this and am printing it for my son, in clear violation of the artist’s copyright. I am a pirate!)

  3. anansi133 says:

    Um, yeah… When this kind of new age glurge is used to sooth cancer and terrorism and political bankruptcy, it might as well come from the antichrist.

    Though just because the world is completely fubar, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for working on yourself.

     I suppose the sequel to this piece would give us a look at the personal struggles faced and overcome by these wise souls…

  4. Vian Lawson says:

    Oh, for the wallet of a solvent person! Oh well – maybe there’ll be a not-quite-as-special mass market edition I can hang out for … or maybe I’ll come in to money :).  

  5. Nicky G says:

    Just ordered. Love this piece, I’ve seen it before, can’t wait to hang it up, and see the responses I get.  heheheheh

    I’ll hang it right next to my Wookie Jesus.

  6. squabatch says:

    curse you BoingBoing for forcing me to spend my money…

  7. niktemadur says:

    Simply awesome.

  8. Sallynotadude says:

    This guy deserves some light beatings. That is way too much money for a damn print of a webcomic.

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