Tell Me Something I Don't Know 007: Jeff Smith


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  1. Michael Welt says:

    Love it.  I’m introducing my 4 year old to comics with Bone right now.  Just finished the Great Cow Race.

  2. noah django says:

    the Frugal Gourmet makes comics?  that really is something I didn’t know.

  3. Sekino says:

    I just can’t wait to have a look at Tüki Save the Humans. If it ends up being as lavish and engrossing an adventure as Bone, we’re in for a major treat. B one is one of several books I love to  revisit every few months. Its universe is so vibrant, you feel a bit wistful upon reading the last page and departing.

  4. Sean McGurr says:

    Any chance you can add this podcast series to the Zune Marketplace? I know it isn’t cool, but I don’t use iTunes. I get Gweek through Zune.

  5. Gloo says:

    I remember when Fone Bone first met Thorn, both he and I fell in love with her ! The compilation of the entire episodes in one volume has been a great move from the publisher Cartoon books as it permitted people like me to discover the whole series in one book.

  6. richard77 says:

    I’m tempted by this Bone comic.
    Would you recommend the b/w version (I saw the one volume edition for approx 25€) or the colour one?

  7. Brad Colbow says:

    I would give my first born (just kidding but only kinda) to see that Rose script and see what level of detail he goes into when writing.

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