Disney files trademark application for "Dia de Los Muertos"

Disney has filed for trademarks on "Dia de Los Muertos" in a wide variety of goods and services -- candy, snacks, cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes, gadgets, jewelry and jewelry boxes, and more. This would be a good time for people to tell the USPTO that there are innumerable products in those categories that already use the term, and that no exclusive association exists (or should exist) between the Disney company and the traditional Mexican holiday. Not even if the next Pixar movie is called "Dia de Los Muertos." (Thanks, Chryss!)


    1.  Steve Purcell of LucasArts fame is presently an animator/director at Pixar (he co-directed Brave). I’m hoping for some sort of Easter egg…

      1.  I just wanted to let you know how sad I was to find that ThisIsntReallyALink.com wasn’t a webpage.

        I was ready. . . . but then nothing.

  1. Somebody already owns All Souls’ Day — all souls. You do not want to annoy them with a troll suit. You really don’t.

  2. Unless Mexicans are somehow immune to holiday-commercialization, wouldn’t there already be about a zillion goods and services trading under Dia De Los Muertos-related marks, in much the same way that other holidays have massive accretions of branded knickknacks?

        1. I should have gotten up earlier so that I wouldn’t get stuck with Tisha B’Av.

        2. Marvel comics (and therefore Disney) will challenge you on the basis that it starts with an X, and therefore can be confused with the much more popular X-Men. 

  3. The real gobstopper is that someone – on a very high executive level – thought this was a really great idea.

    1. Sorry, “gobstopper®” is now a registered trademark of Warner Bros. studios.

  4. I think Disney is just trying to get payback for all those unlicensed Disneyesque piñatas…

  5. I think it’s interesting that they said they would change the name of the film.  I guess if it isn’t trademarkable, it’s not worth anything…sigh

  6. Awww, but I wanted official Disney-licensed Dia de los Muertos Christmas tree ornaments! Damn you, people, why you gotta get in the way of the man? It’s like you think you’re entitled to have ownership over your culture or something. Get with the times, it’s the 21st century! Sheesh…

    /giant huge neon-powered snark

  7. This was the news Monday.  This morning’s news was that Disney dropped this idea.

    1. This was the news Monday.  This morning’s news was that Disney dropped this idea.

      That news was new news at 12:31 PDT.

  8. They should just cut to the chase and take out a trademark on the word “trademark.”

  9. This just begs for someone to make up a bunch of parody art of Disney characters in Dia De los Muertos style.  Skull bride and groom Mickey and Minnie would be a good place to start. 

  10. Just imagine if this had been allowed to continue! Someone might have made a movie called “Halloween” or “Independence Day.”

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