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16 Responses to “Humble Double-Fine Bundle: name your price for an amazing Double Fine games bundle”

  1. 3eff_jeff says:

    Brutal Legend got ported to Linux?!  DONATION MADE.  Thanks for posting it Cory.  I’ve gotten some great games from the Humble Bundle folks.

    • I was about to say the same thing with regard to Windows! This was an awesome game, just not awesome enough for me to own a console in addition to my regular gaming rig.

      Any of you who don’t want to play this: search YouTube for a complete play-through video series. See if this isn’t the funniest animated series you’ll see all year, and oddly moving on top of that. The big names are really good in this, and Jennifer Hale steals every scene she’s in.

  2. ldobe says:

    First time I’ve ever bought games, wish me luck.
    I’ve always either been gifted games or played gratis ones. Game piracy doesn’t make sense to me since it contributes to studios’ popularity numbers.

    • 3eff_jeff says:

      Good Luck.  You read BoingBoing, so I’m pretty sure you’re in for a treat with Psychonauts (it’s a very happy mutation).  That game is likely worth whatever you donated alone (I got it in a previous Humble Bundle).

      • ldobe says:

        I donated $8 usd. Yes, I know I’m stingy, but my budget says I had $9.99 earmarked miscellaneous before the purchase. And since it’s “pay what you want” I don’t feel guilty. Just inadequate comared to what others are willing to pay.

        • Tynam says:

          No need for guilt or inadequacy; that’s the whole point.  The benefit to them is getting your $8… where at the usual prices they’d get your $0, because you couldn’t afford them.

          • ldobe says:

            I feel absolutely no guilt.  They said “pay what you want”, so I paid what I could.
            On the other hand, I’d have liked to pay some helpful fraction of the cost of production, since I know these studios make great games, but don’t seem to get the widespread sales numbers they deserve.
            I would have liked to pay something similar to: (Cost of production)/(likely sales numbers over the course of ten years), but instead I paid (what’s available in the budget)-(cost of a can of high gravity lager)

          • Tynam says:

            It’s surprising how often these calculations produce similar results ;)

          • ldobe says:

            Heh.  That seems like a good soundbyte.  I think I might add it to my repertoire:
            “A malt liquor saved, is a game earned.” or something like that.

      • ldobe says:

        Also, thanks for the encouragement/recommendation.

        I’ve heard wonderful things about Psychonauts, and that’s what spurred me into buying the bundle, despite me not being much of a gamer.

  3. My daughter introduced me to all three of these, which she loves: Stacking is an amazingly beautiful game with gorgeous music and interesting gameplay, Psychonauts, and Costume Quest I haven’t played but she loves — they’re all more about thinking and logic than fast-twitch but they’re all engrossing and a lot of fun.

  4. G3 says:

    Don’t forget to play The Cave or Middle Manager of Justice. DF rocks.

  5. AlveKatt says:

    Does anyone know if it works okay without headaches on 64 bit Linux?

    • PanoramicPenguin says:

       Psychonauts works, with a few small glitches: coach’s projection is absent from the basic braining level and the game randomly crashed twice during 5 hours of gameplay (thank Cthulu for auto-save!)

      I’ve play a bit of the rest; all without issue so far :)

      On Linux Mint 64 bit

      • AlveKatt says:

         Same here. I have mostly been playing Brutal Legends though. It’s brütal! It crashed on me until I lowered the resolution to a bit less than 1920×1080, froze the whole computer, gather it was a bit much for my Nvidia GT640 graphics card… Then I have played it, well, until now, without a crash. And this time I quit it myself. Because, well, you know. I was planning to go to bed. But I guess I ended up writing a reply here instead… XD

  6. atlouiedog says:

    If you’re at all interested in the behind the scenes part of game development and want to play an adventure game at the end of it, seriously consider the $35 tier. I backed the Broken Age Kickstarter for $15 and I’ve definitely gotten that much entertainment out of it already. The folks at 2PP have done a great job of making interesting video without spoiling the game at all. After 5-6 hours of regular episodes and another couple of hours of side content I still know very little about the game, but I’ve seen some great stuff about what goes into making it.