Awesome amateur horror makeup

Click above for full-on grodiness

Redditor ImNotJesus has a friend who does her own amateur horror makeup. She's pretty amazing -- check out the ultra-gross fool-the-eye gaping eye-socket wound above.

A good friend of mine does horror makeup regularly. What do you guys think? I'm going to surprise her with the support. [X-post from /r/horror] (


  1. Would expect to see a lot more blood with such a wound, otherwise, that’s completely awesome.

  2. aeeeii…what are those horrible horrible tiny bugs attached to her lower lip (feeding upon her very essence etc)!?

    [aside] that’s some damn impressive make-up!   i can’t …see through it.

  3. Looks very impressive because it looks like a deep wound, the spatial element is very well done.

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