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7 Responses to “Comedy boy-band extols virtues of indie games”

  1. Joel Emmett says:

    Not to point out the obvious, but for everyone not down with the kids, this is a parody of a very popular song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, on the joys of thrift store shopping.

  2. Nezrite says:

    Summer sale!  I remember the furor when rumor had it last year’s Steam Summer Sale wasn’t going to happen.

  3. Datavist says:

    Haha, oh dear. I do wonder what everyone will think of the Kee-wee ekcint…

  4. Dv Revolutionary says:

    Anyone know what the games referenced and shown are?
    I get minecraft and the binding of issac but what are the other ones.. Out of touch casual gamers want to know.

    • yunnypuff says:

      In attempted chronological order:

      DOTA 2,
      Project Zomboid ,
      Torchlight (2),
      Amnesia: The Dark Descent,
      Super Meat Boy,
      Dungeon Defender,
      Faster Than Light,
      Binding of Isaac,

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