Eschersketch: automated tessellated Escher-esque drawing toy


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  1. GawainLavers says:

    Wasn’t there a mac app for this back in the ’80s?

  2. Rockmetteller says:

    I miss Spirograph.

  3. Joseph Francis says:

    I can has texture maps?

  4. Jesseham says:

    Ok, Illustrator plugin next please.  This is awesome.

  5. oasisob1 says:

    Where is the ‘Save background tile’ option?

    • Coming.  Right now saving html5 canvas image data is a pain, the standard method literally crashes safari at the moment.  Trying to find a work around.

      • teapot says:

        Time to swear off the Apple crack. Safari is a piece of junk on par with ie.

        In Firefox right click and ‘View Image’ brings up the html5 data for the image and “save as” will save a .png to your computer.

        PS: Nice work! Reminds me of Springle which is a fun Android app (now available on iOS as wel).

  6. Michael Barreto says:

    This is similar (if not identical) in content, yet missing the elegant form of my favorite tessellation software, Escher Web Sketch. Personally, I like having visual icons of the different tiling methods, as well as the ability to resize the tile itself. I still wish someone made a plugin for Illustrator that works like it, because I also luvs my vectors. And don’t mention SymmetryWorks, because it’s much less real-time.

    • Hi Michael, the author of the code here.  I didn’t intend for the internet to discover this in its alpha state, it is literally only a few days old.  I intend to make the UI much nicer as well as to allow full control of the underlying grid, etc.  For Illustrator there -exists- a wonderful set of templates that allow exploration of symmetries called ‘madpattern’
      which I highly recommend!

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