Eschersketch: automated tessellated Escher-esque drawing toy

Levskaya's Eschersketch is a GitHub-hosted web-toy that produces Escher style tessellated drawings that are very good fun to make and elaborate upon.

Eschersketch (Thanks, Hugh!)


    1. Coming.  Right now saving html5 canvas image data is a pain, the standard method literally crashes safari at the moment.  Trying to find a work around.

      1. Time to swear off the Apple crack. Safari is a piece of junk on par with ie.

        In Firefox right click and ‘View Image’ brings up the html5 data for the image and “save as” will save a .png to your computer.

        PS: Nice work! Reminds me of Springle which is a fun Android app (now available on iOS as wel).

  1. This is similar (if not identical) in content, yet missing the elegant form of my favorite tessellation software, Escher Web Sketch. Personally, I like having visual icons of the different tiling methods, as well as the ability to resize the tile itself. I still wish someone made a plugin for Illustrator that works like it, because I also luvs my vectors. And don’t mention SymmetryWorks, because it’s much less real-time.

    1. Hi Michael, the author of the code here.  I didn’t intend for the internet to discover this in its alpha state, it is literally only a few days old.  I intend to make the UI much nicer as well as to allow full control of the underlying grid, etc.  For Illustrator there -exists- a wonderful set of templates that allow exploration of symmetries called ‘madpattern’
      which I highly recommend!

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