First 20 years of Wired covers


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  1. ercpman says:

    Vaopressin?  injectable vasopressin? What were you doing with that?

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Nasal spray. We were experimenting with “smart drugs” and Vasopressin reportedly improves mental clarity and memory. I can’t recall if it worked though. ; )

      • arsphenamine says:

        Works.  Cerebral vasodilator if you don’t mind the fluid retention.  Will immediately stop a marijuana buzz.

  2. Adam Bucci says:

    up to a couple of weeks ago i had every issue in that video but two

  3. Stefan Jones says:

     I have a collection of the first four or five years of WIRED up for grabs. Also, the press kit.

    I live near Portland. Free to anyone who wants to drive out to Hillsboro.

    I’m keeping a couple of copies of issue #1.

  4. David Neil says:

    Personally I thought their 20th anniversary was the most underwhelming of them all.  Always look forward to what the cover’s going to be and this is the first time I opened the mailbox and thought “seriously?”

    • tristis says:

      Not to mention the fact that that issue has basically no content in it except for short summaries of stuff that we all already know about. Some nice portrait photography, though.

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