Guatemala: "I am innocent," Ríos Montt tells court in genocide trial, breaking silence


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  1. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Glad he cleared that up.

  2. Brainspore says:

    Thanks for the ongoing coverage, Xeni. It’s depressing that a human rights issue of this magnitude is getting so little press coverage up here.

    • EH says:

      Comes as no surprise. A lot of people have vested interests in keeping Cheney & Rumsfeld out of the dock and you don’t want other countries’ locals getting any bright ideas.

  3. tadfad says:

    The chain of command flows only one direction. Responsibility flows back up the chain.

  4. noah django says:

    so, Rios Montt’s defense is that he cannot into chain-of-command?  yeah, alright guy.  lotsa luck.  no, actually, i retract that.  burn in hell.

  5. “I was only giving orders!” is a novel defense, you have to give him that.

  6. stryx says:

    Xeni, we can’t thank you and Miles enough for doing this. Without your first hand account there would be little record at all of the trial of this monster. I remember the early eighties and how it seemed impossible that anyone would ever be held to account for what happened, yet here it is, imperfect though it may be. American taxes- my taxes- helped Montt carry out this genocide, and it is beyond shameful that the best coverage of this trial on all the web comes from your iPhone. 

    • Hold your horses there. While I appreciate that there is this ENGLISH record of the trial, and so early in the procedures, however I don’t think that there wouldn’t be a record at all wasn’t it for the work of folks like Xeni. Guatemalans mastered the arts of video recording and sound archiving long ago I assure you.

      • stryx says:

         My apologies. I realized this morning that I had committed a grievous error of privilege.

        I should say that Xeni’s reporting has been a premier example of  English language web-friendly reporting, exposing the proceeding to the vast horde of mono-linguistic Americans who otherwise would have little chance to learn of this important historical event.

        I never intended to slight the efforts of the journalists and others who have an even far more personal stake in this trial than I do.  My only intent was to thank X&M for their efforts and to express my contempt for what passes as “the media” in the US.

  7. Nathalie Plum says:

    “There is no evidence to prove otherwise”

    except there is.

    Merci encore Xeni and Miles for your great work on this issue

  8. Cynical says:

    Even if what he’s saying is true, failure to prevent atrocities within your chain-of-command is a capital offense thanks to the precedent set at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. Good luck nailing him on it though, as setting a newer precedent would also mean that we would (rightfully) have to try Bush and Blair for their failure to prevent war crimes during the Iraq war…

  9. Jon Yahr says:

    a few thoughts:

    it is pretty shameful that there is little coverage of this trial in the mainstream american news media. 
    rios montt is so out of touch with reality it is insane. 

    it seems like otto perez molina threw montt under the bus so that he himself could escape war crimes charges. both are guilty of genocide in my mind. 

    the difference in lifestyle between mayan campensino famers and Guatemalan elites is so stark and racism in Guate is so endemic, that I feel like people like Montt and Molina et. al. believe the poor, rural maya are from another planet.

    Really incredible coverage Xeni, thank you for it.

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