Movie posters with the working--often much better--titles

What if movies had kept their provisional/stealth titles? [via Reddit]


  1. Desperately needs Sadomasochists From Beyond The Grave, aka Hellraiser. If I wasn’t slacking off at work right now I’d have to throw one together…

  2. How about Watch The Skies, which ended up as Close Encounters of the Third Kind?  If I recall correctly, Watch The Skies played as part of a double bill with A Boy’s Life at the Kingston Falls movie theater in Gremlins.

    My favorite fake/stealth/working title I’ve spotted in the wild was Untitled Genre Production. One day at work I found heavier-than-usual security surrounding Stage 16 at Warner Bros in Burbank (their largest soundstage, the one with the big WB shield on it that you see at the beginning of most recent Warner Bros movies these days).  I peeked in through the elephant door and saw a massive and intriguing set inside.  I didn’t feel like asking the guards what was shooting therein that day, so I thought I’d be clever and check out the camera truck.  Often the production trucks have a “showcard” on the dashboard, visible through the windshield, which displays the name or logo of the movie or TV show for which the truck is working.  This one said only “Untitled Genre Production.”

    Aha.  Now I knew someone was being coy.  And a moment’s Googling revealed that I had found the camera truck for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Seems to me that they would have been sneakier had their showcard said Nuke the Fridge or something as innocuous as Blue Harvest.  Untitled Genre was just nerdbait.

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