Selection of Etsy Haunted Mansion tchotchkes

I've just had a deep trawl through Etsy's selection of weird, handmade Haunted Mansion (and hauntedmansionesque) gewgaws and gimcracks, and I herewith present my picks of the lot:

Master Gracey Haunted Mansion Miniature Halloween Dollhouse Decoration

HAUNTED MANSION Full Collection- Cutie Putti Paperie

Miniature Haunted Mansion Library

Red Velvet Open Coffin 1-inch scale dollhouse miniature

Miniature Books --- Mansion Library Collection

The Gorgon - A Certain Famous Changing Portrait - In Homage - Tribute

Miniature Victorian Library


  1. Dear Cory,

    I know that you have done a lot of great work with regards to counter culture, technology, etc. 

    However, I want to tell you about this thing called “art”. Art comes from an unconscious place beyond consumer culture. Art at its most celebrated levels can be a pawn of scurilous investors, it is true, but at its roots it will help you to see the world in new ways, from some dizzying and disorienting perspectives. Good art does not find itself trapped by the restraints of kitsch, and works to subvert, undermine or question the dominant paradigms.

    Art will take you far beyond the questionable corporation of Disney, and you will find your history of posting licensed plastic gewgaws (that awful Tiki Cup thing) as cringeworthy as the giant raver pants of the 90’s or the acid wash denim of the 80’s. I strongly encourage you and your family to begin your education about art and craft today, to explore the pleasures and dangers of these disciplines.



    1. “the questionable corporation of Disney” .. no, they are most definitely a corporation.

    2. Y’know, does anyone actually sign anything “signed”?  It puts me in mind of saying “Donald said” out loud after everything I say.

      Anyway, if you really can’t resist the urge to be obnoxious in an epistolary fashion, the least you can do is sign off with a “cordially,” or maybe a “kiss my ass.”

      1. Yes, I mess with licensed plastic crapola sold by Disney corp. Go nuts with the vintage ceramic mugs, however.

        1. well, if it is licensed, it wouldn’t be sold by Disney.. unless Disney is licensing something from someone else and selling..? Or do you mean stuff Disney licenses and someone else sells?

          1. All I remember was a plastic “Polynesian” bowl with a bad font, something something Cory something Disney. Here, tell me that this is worth your $ 35.00:


             I just don’t get this Disney worship. It is an entertainment corporation that has sent questionable messages for decades, and continues this tradition today. I can’t argue that some of the early animation was great – but I also can’t overlook the racism, colonialism, misogyny .

            If I had $ 35.00 to spend on a bowl, would I prefer to give it to a corporation who is probably able to produce said item by the thousands for pennies or a person who is producing their own hand crafted bowls with an original aesthetic ? Or how about spending money on an actual Polynesian bowl, made by an actual Polynesian crafts person ?

            Disney apparently produces tens of thousands of items for sale. This article puts a spin on the topic, like Disney is a responsible, ethical GREEN corporation (hmm, plastic souvenir items, not made in the US = green,ethical, responsible  ?):


            I like you Boing, Boing, I just  wish the Disney worship could be excised/banished and replaced with content from people who are making, thinking, doing, researching, creating, writing, observing – not promoting an insidious corporate culture.

          2.  Where does it say it’s “Plastic”.
            That particular item was designed by a Kevin Kidney. that does designs for Disney. No where does it say Plastic…or that’s it’ considered “ART”.

            And speaking of “ART” the corporate culture of the past (IE: Catholic Church) produced many worth “Art” things. I also think the original Fantasia is great art.

            If you had bothered to move your tweed jacket and lower your nose a bit, you would have seen that Kevin Kidney’s (Limited) Disney stuff is Stoneware not plastic.

            I get it don’t like Disney stuff, and the last part about “Corporate Culture” is laughable. As in the past it’s shown over, and over, and over again. That Creative types that Soon become a Corporate Culture–Apple, Ben and Jerry’s. Etc..etc. etc; become, well, corporate.
             Only the failed creative types actively complain about ‘no one purchased my stuff and recognized my greatness’.
            And end up bitter and doing Art History at a community college.

    3.  Well, that’s a long winded way of saying “Stop liking what I don’t like”.

    4. So, Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans wasn’t art because it deals with a very common consumer product? And yes, you could argue that Warhol was being “ironic” or whatever, but then how about the advertising posters of Bouisset,which were presumably sincere? Consumerism is just a subject, not any better or worse than other artistic subjects such as nature or religion. Actually, I take it back – – it’s way better than the latter one. Renaissance art would be more interesting with more wine ads and fewer Madonnas. 

      1. The issue is not about consumer products v.s. non-consumer products. Did anyone consider Campbell’s soup can label designs art until Warhol contextualized them as such ? I am talking about kitsch v.s. non-kitsch. Good design can be hotly disputed as can high art v.s. low art v.s basic product design v.s. bad design v.s. design without intent which accidentally become radical design.

        I want to talk about why Boing Boing doesn’t pay more attention to artART, and why dudes are coming out of the woodwork to defend Disney, and to suggest things like  successful creativity quickly becomes corporate with examples like Ben and Jerry’s and Apple computers, and that non-corporate creative entities are laughable art history teachers (as though art history isn’t important, either).

        If Disney was as creative as it was during its early years I would be happy to see that featured/discussed here. It’s disappointing to ME that a consumer product (ie Disney films, Disney parks,Disney hotels, Disney “collectables”) is routinely trotted out here as CONTENT. And that fans’ replication of a consumer product is also content (see above).  They’ll have a great cottage industry until Disney sues them for copyright  and trademark infringement !

        1. Wow. You’ve found the ONE site on the Internet that occasionally posts something you don’t care about…

    5. Wow, you managed to be condescending, patronizing and snobbish all in one post.  Congratulations, you’ve hit the trifecta.

      1. Because I am sick of reading un critical/unanalytical  swooning posts about Disney anything and have serious questions about why it infests this site ? Do you think the content might change for the better if Cory and family went to an art gallery or museum every day for a month and wrote about that instead ?

        Maybe Cory should interview Jello Biafra about his thoughts about Disneyland. I would be interested in reading that. 

        1.  Jello Biafra? Really. The amazing artist that brought us “Too Drunk to Fuck”. That’s high art there mate.

          1. You know how much I’d prefer to read a Jello interview on the subject of art more than I would like to see another Haunted Mansion whatever post?

            Precisely eleventy zillion times more, that’s how much.

        2. The fascination with the Haunted Mansion stems from the fact that it’s neat.  It’s a fascinating piece of design, engineering, technical skill, and construction.  

          All of those things mesh quite neatly with the ethos and milieu of the site.

          The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is another example of the skill of the people who work at the theme parks.  In fact, it leaves the Haunted Mansion in the weeds, IMO.

          Say what you will about Disney, but they’ve pulled off some damned interesting things with their rides and attractions.

          At bottom, this really does mostly boil down to you squawking that someone likes something you don’t.

        3. Personally, I would like Cory to publish less articles about how any piece of information gathering technology becomes objectively evil anytime it comes in contact with a civil servant. Because those reports don’t jibe with my personal opinions and therefore I shouldn’t have to scroll by them whenever I’m forced to surf onto BB’s index page. I might click on the link on accident and be forced to read it.
          But most of all, I would like Cory to do my math homework this week. I think I’m entitled to that: I bought one of his novels once, so I consider myself to be a core reader. Well, I actually downloaded it for free, but I did read it so same difference.

    6. I like these a lot more than Amy Crehore’s stuff, which has had… I don’t know how many posts in Boing Boing’s history.

      No matter how you rationalize art, It all comes down to taste.

      Haunted Mansion stuff is whimsical and has a certain aesthetic that was developed by artists.  Those artists just happened to work for Disney.  There weren’t any established Disney characters or established IP involved, and it wasn’t an attempt to create a new brand… just to entertain and amuse with depictions of a fairly generic trope.  The characters that emerged happened to be based on individual works of art (like the Hitchhiking Ghosts), and the story pretty much grew organically out of the arrangement of stuff in the original attraction.

      Haunted Mansion is among Disney’s least commercial endeavors.

      And now you’re putting down independent artists who are running with that same theme?

  2. Look for gaming’s most famous haunted mansion, Stauf’s House from The 7th Guest, to be returning soon in: The 7th Guest 3. Renovated with new rooms (an awesome new library), ghosts & puzzles. Here’s a key for you. More will come later.

    1. I’m hoping it’ll be more like the original game then, and not like the cheesy sequel that killed the franchise.

  3. Hey Sam1148 : way to go with your support of the Catholic church as a patron of the arts and your belief that artists (ie “failed creative types”) don’t exist outside of community colleges. You make an excellent argument for why Boing Boing needs more art and less Disney.
    p.s. If it’s not plastic it shouldn’t look like plastic. And don’t even get me started about cultural appropriation and its descent into kitsch stupidity.

  4.  Well, to respond..and it’s getting very close to a argument here. You speak as a art history major–who should know the importance of the “Church” in art history. Which is thankfully gone–and replaced by corporate sponsorships–or goverment grants.

    I think Boing Boing does great job of promoting ‘artists’.
    If you had read closely…those items in the post where indeed handmaid via a ESTY site..and not a corporate site.

    There was nothing in the original post that said it was “Art” You projected that onto the post.

    Disney has made more people happy, and brought more joy to people than any ‘Artist” you can name. Of course that’s because ‘people’ don’t have the finely tuned sense of ‘art’ you have.

  5. I just don’t get this Disney worship.

    +1 orangedesperado; this fondness for various things Disney is something I’ve always found really jarring about this joint.

    It just seems completely at odds with many of the values this blog espouses.

    I would’ve said so a lot sooner if I thought there was any chance it’d make a dent.

    Maybe Cory should interview Jello Biafra about his thoughts about Disneyland. I would be interested in reading that.

    That would be super awesome, maybe even as awesome as a banana.

    Pretty please?

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