TSA hearing for "Naked American Hero" John Brennan


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    The real reason the TSA is angry with this guy is that they had to train all of their workers to slap strips of black foamcore over the angry bungholes of  irate “customers.”

  2. G3 says:

    Yeah but it was Portland. that guy might have just thought he was in line for a Dead Show. There’s more Jerry sightings up that way than Elvis sightings in Vegas.

  3. teapot says:

    Stick it to them John! Thanks for putting yourself through all this hell to make a point.

  4. Sean Breakey says:

    All he was doing was making it so they don’t need to irradiate / molest him.  If you are going to use a radioactive strip-search, you can’t complain when someone simply preempts you.

  5. mtdna says:

    Please please PLEASE let him show up to the hearing naked.

  6. openfly says:

    I will throw a huge party the day the TSA is disbanded in utter disgrace.

  7. Brainspore says:

    These charges will seem even more ludicrous a few months from now when strip searches become mandatory for all airline passengers.

  8. mtdna says:

    Speaking of charges, the TSA should be forced to provide an itemized receipt for the costs of going after a naked guy. I’m no expert, but looking at all the resources going into it it has to be >$1M.

    • Boundegar says:

      Which is worse?  A mere million dollars?  Or the possibility that millions of Americans might think they have the right to be naked?

      • Gulliver says:

        What are you talking about. He’s clearly wearing glasses and a neck-strap. What I find irritating is that the angle and blackout obscures his great big brass balls.

      • Brainspore says:

        One thing that those scanners revealed is just how many passengers have attempted to smuggle naked bodies past security checkpoints by concealing them under their clothing.

  9. boise427 says:

    If everyone involved in the prosecution of this guy were fired tomorrow and not replaced, would anything change other than the taxpayers would save a few bucks?

    • Boundegar says:

      Similarly, why not disband all the courts? That way The People could get a huge tax cut.  Maybe Mr. Romney would get a bigger one than you, but shut up, that’s just class warfare. Also, no more enforcement of the laws, so anybody who can hire their own security force wins!  God bless America!

  10. Wintermute says:

    “Interfering with the screening process?!?!” Seriously?! If the TSA doesn’t know how to handle a single naked guy (umm… he clearly isn’t hiding anything. No need for a pat-down or electronic strip search), then what confidence can anyone have that they’ll know what to do with a terrorist if one ever shows up at an airport?

  11. Ned Carlson says:

    Somehow I find the most disturbing thing about this being a legal proceeding in which the constitutionality of the statute being enforced is barred from consideration.

    • Boundegar says:

      Why?  Different judges have different jurisdiction. This judge also couldn’t try a murderer or a copyright lawsuit.  Is that disturbing?

  12. CHDFW says:

    I like it when people have had enough and show their balls, Literally and metaphorically.  I think someone should set-up a site to help him pay for the legal case.  In fact the only way we’re going to take the country back for citizens is to pull together and take on these issues in the legal system

  13. headcode says:

    Is there a place to donate to his legal defense fund anywhere?  The only thing I could find was a Facebook page that I can’t view.

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