Wild west (anti)heroes in a rare (and maybe not real) group photo

This may be a photo of Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, Jesse James, and Charlie Bowdre, taken in Las Vegas (NM) in 1879:

"There is that story that these two met in Las Vegas at the Old Adobe Hotel on July 26, 1879, and during a card game Jesse asked Billy to join his gang..........Henry Hoyt and Migeul Otero say so in their books, and that they witnessed it..............But Jesse James did stay at the Old Adobe Hotel from July 26 through July 29 in the summer of 1879, according to an announcement in the Las Vegas Optic printed weeks later. The owner of the Old Adobe Hotel, W. Scott Moore, was from Clay County, Missouri, Jesse's home turf, and was a childhood friend of his. Hoyt recalled Jesse's missing finger and his alias, Mr. Howard. And Jesse was on the run, so New Mexico is possible."

Billy the Kid and Jesse James (via Kottke)


        1. e-everyone wanted my bike.  why, just yesterday, Francis a– Fraaaanciiisssssssss!!!!!!

  1. The thing that strikes me about the picture is that judging by the size of their heads, Doc Holliday looks like he’s about 5′ 2″.

    1. Little-known fact about real-life gunslinging: being short enough so that most shots go over your head when your opponent is shooting from the hip is a tactical advantage. 

  2. Warning: Antiheroes are less attractive than they appear in 1990s Hollywood biopics.

    1. I don’t know.  Ned Kelly’s hotter than Heath Ledger or Mick Jagger.

        1. 20 minutes of combing through film titles later… I didn’t have much luck finding real life anti-heroes in 1990s films that can be seen in photos. Ed Wood’s about as good looking as Johnny Depp.

          1. I was thinking Young Guns but it turns out that was 1988,  though the sequel was released in 1990. And let’s not forget Brad Pitt’s turn as Doc Holliday in Tombstone (1993).

          2. First they hijacked the stagecoaches, then they robbed the banks, and finally they stole… Antinous’ heart.

    2. I dunno; I  got a little bit of flutters when I saw James’ photo. But maybe it’s just the bad boy thing.

  3. Was it made with the Perry shutter as quick as it can be worked – Pyro and soda developer?

  4. nowhere in this poorly ordered web page is there anything leading to the conclusion that this image is anything other than a computer file.  he says it’s his tintype, but there’s no documentation i.e. photos/video of people handling it, for starters.  not that that would be proof per se, but it would be a helluva lot better than the mounds of rambling bullshit that *is* presented.  there’s no way this is real.

  5. This is shooped. I can tell from the pixels. And the lighting. Actually, just from the lighting.

    1.  First thing I thought when I saw this was “FAKE”. Doesn’t look real at all.

  6. I can totally tell by the pixels and the angle of the shadows and whatnot, but also, Wikipedia says that Holliday left Las Vegas on 7/20 after killing a man named Mike Gordon.  This was 6 days before James arrived at the Adobe Hotel.

    Some people seem to think it possible that James met Bonney at the hotel.  And if Bonney was there, it makes sense that Bowdre would have been as well.

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