9 Film Frames: screen grabs from cult movies

9filmframes is a Tumblr with still frames from movies, assembled 9-per-image. Nice! (Via this isn't happiness)


  1. It was fun trying to guess the films and then the possible connection between the given films in a post. It’s good to know that I recognized the shots from every movie I’ve seen, so my memory is still functioning. Plus, I’ve got some new movies to check out.

  2. I recently used ffmpeg to take screenshots at ten second intervals of the final cut of Blade Runner on blu-ray. I put them in a folder and had Windows 7 use that folder for my desktop background and set it to cycle through the images at ten second intervals. This essentially has Blade Runner silently play in realtime on my desktop background while I’m working throughout the day.

    I often stare at it for a few moments because the images are so beautiful. They even sometimes evoke an emotional response that is unique from the one when seen in the film.

    Roger Ebert used to do frame-at-a-time analysis of movies with audiences and I can see now what an amazing new way it is to see a movie.

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