New law will fix the DMCA, make jailbreaking, unlocking and interoperability legal - your help needed!


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  1. greebo says:

    An even bigger reason for passing this measure is the environmental impact. Devices that are locked so that they cannot be repaired are part of a vicious cycle of ever faster obsolescence and replacement. The companies that promote locking benefit by determining when customers have to throw out their current devices and buy new ones, sometimes even forcing this by making software updates that are not backwards compatible. The resource implications of this process are enormous – both the extraction of raw materials (including precious metals) needed to build new devices, and the ever growing problem of e-waste. Making it legal to unlock and repair our own devices is a vital step towards a greener economy.

  2. ADavies says:

    Good to have some thing to be in favor of in stead of against for a change.

  3. thecardcheat says:

    I’ve say this all the time… 20/30 years from now we will look back and realize the similarities between our addiction for smartphones and such and how select industry and Madison avenue also once addicted us to cigarettes.

  4. Cowicide says:

    boingboing, why not add a reddit button to the articles?  It’d be helpful especially for stuff like this.

    It’s weird that one can easily Facebook, Tweet, etc., but there’s no reddit button.

    Anyway, I put it on reddit here:

  5. Joe Buck says:

    It’s the right thing, but for that very reason Hollywood will pull out all the stops to kill it. It would make it completely legal, for example, to use  a free software DVD player program with libdvdcss to play DVDs from other regions (lots of people are doing this already, but it would take away the legal risk of packaging and distributing the needed software widely to non-geeks).

  6. hope the unlocking will be legalize.
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