Not so great Gatsby

Gloomy reviews from critics? It won't matter.


      1. I loved Moulin Rouge, but the Great Gatsby is just mind-numbingly boring, and has no likable characters. It’s pretty much just a bunch of whining about how much it sucks to be rich. When I read it I spent about 90% of the book hoping for a horrible death for one or all of the characters to ease the monotony.

        I’ll pass.

        1.  I’ll agree that it’s whining, but I’m pretty sure it’s whining about how much rich people suck, not how much it sucks to be rich.

        2. I think you miss the meaning of the novel — it isn’t “it sucks to be rich”. And Tom and Daisy in particular aren’t *supposed* to be likable — that’s kind of the point — Gatsby is obsessed with a woman he doesn’t really know and who frankly isn’t very interesting  beyond her looks. Gatsby was clearly a very talented guy who could have done something meaningful with his life — instead he wasted it trying to impress Daisy.

        3. Could be worse. Ever read War and Peace? Now that’s a book about unlikeable rich people. Plus, it’s 10 times longer.

          1. You had to read it for highschool didn’t you?

            Yes, but that’s not why I didn’t like it. I enjoyed many of the books we read, didn’t care much about others, and hated a few (Jude the Obscure being the worst). Gatsby was just over the border of don’t care / hate onto the hate side… I didn’t find it as horrible as Jude, but did find it boring and unlikable.

          1.  In his(?) defence, when was the last time Hollywood made a movie that was /better/ than you expected it to be?

          2. You are passing judgement on a movie you haven’t seen.

            Actually, I’m passing judgment on a book that I have read. I’m choosing not to see a movie based on that source material. I’m not going to spend my money on something that I find myself unlikely to enjoy.

    1.  I don’t know, a theme of the book is how ridiculous spectacle and pointless, lavish displays of wealth are a sign of corruption and decay. The guy who brought us ‘Moulin Rouge!’ seems pretty well suited to show us that message.

      I’ll probably wait to see the movie until after Star Trek comes out, but it does look like an interesting adaptation.

  1. They had better hope they make $50 million. The budget was $127 million, and that doesn’t even include promotion. And only about half of ticket sales go back to the studio.

  2. I’m kind of impressed that “it won’t matter.”    That this seems poised to be a box-office success, a movie without aliens, superheroes, robots, or explosions.   In that, a lot of people I think remember THE GREAT GATSBY as that book they had to read for school.  That they want to go see it in a theater surprises me.

    For the record, this is the second hip-hop version of THE GREAT GATSBY.
    The 2002 movie G:

    Note that G was rated R!

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