Patrick "Electric Sheep" Farley returns with a new webcomic: Steve & Steve

Stefan Jones sez, "Web comic master Patrick "Electric Sheep" Farley switches styles with frightening ease. The First Word, an enigmatic story about australopithecine, was done in lovely photorealistic CGI. His new work, Steve and Steve, is sharp line art with sepia-tones. It's about . . . Steve and Steve. Jobs and Wozniak, BSing about evolution, witchcraft, and the cold war under the skeleton of a ruined geodesic dome. I hope he can keep this one going."

Steve & Steve | Prelude: Electric Funeral (Thanks, Stefan!)


  1. Is this line art? Does Jones have some inside skinny on Farley’s technique? I read the comic the other day, and it looked to me like Farley used as 3-D CGI program and then ran the output through some Photoshop filters. Maybe there are some flat photographic backgrounds. 

    1.  I’m guessing that’s the case.  Specifically, the figures look like Poser people.  Kind of unfortunate, IMO; after seeing the sketchbook section Stefan Jones linked, it’s clear Farley can draw but chooses not to for all the larger projects I’ve seen.  But I’m kind of of the opinion that all Poser art looks pretty samey and residing in the uncanny valley.

    2. It’s obviously CG. Unless Cory simply meant that there are lines in it; his assessment is mistaken. I think it’s pretty ugly personally.

    1.  Hah! I hadn’t thought of that. There were geodesic jungle gyms in space-themed playgounds when I was a kid.

      But the characters think it is an abandoned dome.

  2. He kind of lost me when “Woz” does acid. He’s pretty outspoken and honest in his never having touched the stuff. Might as well make them gay lovers if you want a nerd fantasy with as much accuracy. 

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