Sign Game: tricks of the trade from a professional sign painter


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  1. dejoh says:

    I was one of those sign guys from 1995-96 that gave up the brush for the computer.  Miss hand lettering? Yes.  Now letter 6 trucks (12 doors) in a half hour,
    What do you think? 

    • TheOven says:

      I’ve never heard of a Letter 6 Truck. I’m curious about what you would need 12 doors for on a truck.

      • CLamb says:

         If the business owning the truck has a very long name you would need 12 doors to fit it all in. I’m guessing that in this case the business had a Welsh name.

      • teapot says:

         Sounds as if you’d like to subscribe to his newsletter.

  2. …This is one of two posts up right now that hover around themes discussed on 99% Invisible, a wonderful short-form independent radio show by Roman Mars. No idea if it’s intentional or not, but here’s a link. 

    • jansob says:

      Yeah, it’s quite the coincidence. I think they need to give 99% Invisible some love if they’re getting inspired by the show…it’s brilliant and Boingy and BBers will love it.

  3. dejoh says:

    Thanks for the link Jack. 

  4. TheOven says:

    The prices seem to have heard about your glowing reviews:

    Amazon Price New from Used from
    Paperback – – $459.59
    Paperback, June 1, 1995 – – $194.79

  5. dejoh says:

    I lettered a fleet of Kenworth tractors the other day.  6 tractors, 2 doors per tractor, hence 12 doors.  When I hand lettered, it would take all day of countless interuptions,distractions, and know-it-alls telling me how to do it.  Now with my computer cut lettering, done and gone in a half hour.
    not as satisfying, but one job down, many to go.

    • teapot says:

       jebus |+| muhammad!

      1) Why is your site an .au blogspot, especially when other TLDs are available such as

      2) Fix your site. You make signs…. surely you can see that this site is not selling your product well?

      Free Tips:
      A) If you insist on using a blogging platform: use wordpress, it’s better than blogger by a factor of 10
      B) If you’re going to use a background image you’d better make sure it’s good quality. Also a backwoods road is not usually considered positive imagery (unless you’re selling roads, I guess)
      C) Outlined text with a drop-shadow? Choose one text decoration (MAX). Also you dont need so many gradients!
      D) Don’t EVER imbed your text in an image and then upload that as the entirety of a post. Teh Googs doesn’t crawl image text so all that stuff you bothered typing is invisible to google.
      E) Axe the flash. Those Picasa image galleries won’t show up on most mobile devices and there’s WAY better ways to do it, such as use of wordpress plugins that require no coding to create fluid CSS galeries.
      F) Get a domain man… they’re $10 a year and it builds brand reputation.

      I know I sound mean and that’s because I am, but my points are made in earnest as I appreciate you sharing your story and I just wanted to contrib my 2 cents as a web designer.

      PS: Denny.. you know your name is listed on that site, right?

  6. Beanolini says:

    1) Why is your site an .au blogspot,

    blogspot redirects to a country-specific URL. It says for me.

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