Ghosts in the Machine: the tiny people who live inside your computers

Mark Crummett sez, "For several years now, I've been working on a series of photos featuring miniature figures living and working in our computers and consumer electronics. These are the people who Make Things Work. I'm happy to say that is featuring my 'Ghosts in the Machine' at their rawfile photo blog. Shows many pictures, plus a look behind the scenes!"

Computer Guts Become Eerie Landscapes in Ghosts in the Machine (Thanks, Mark!)


  1. I believe the ghosts in my machine are all developmentally challenged.  “Work, damn you!”

    1. When is someone going to do a photo essay on little computers that live inside bodies? You could just have a blood-red square and call it “What a pacemaker sees.”

  2. When I was a little kid, I saw a cartoon of the inside of a jukebox with a tiny orchestra in the bottom, swimming in a pile of coins. A guy was peering in, and he said, “Aha! I knew it!”

    Ever since then, I’ve known that there were tiny people inside every machine.

  3. When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me that little men lived in the fridge and oven (one each) and turned the light on and off. I could never quite catch them…. ;-)

  4. Do not show this to members of Congress.  Who knows what legislation might be proposed…

  5. I saw an animated movie just last month and it features the little people behind every game of different consoles say, the attari, nintendo, etc. It is a funny movie because it assumes that the  characters in the game are just acting out and that they actually have a life after the game has been turned off. I can say the same thing with the little people behind the machines. –

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