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24 Responses to “Astronaut Chris Hadfield performs David Bowie's "Space Oddity" on the ISS”

  1. Gulliver says:

    Well, if that whole astronaut thing ever falls through…

    Does the RIAA claim orbital jurisdiction yet?

  2. See Bowie’s Facebook page.

  3. Frank Lee Scarlett says:


  4. tubacat says:

    That is way cool…

  5. chris coreline says:


    – my mate Steve.

  6. ocker3 says:

    I’m not sure if he should run for government, go into acting, or perhaps start making documentaries about science that could help encourage the next generation of kids become scientists

  7. TheKaz1969 says:

    C’mon.. we all know Major Tom’s a junkie..

  8. René Walter says:

    Bowie approved this on his FB-Page, there even was one Lady from his former Liveband on board, so to say: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151372549242665&l=8f3f814a17

    • jmcgarry says:

      Emm Gryner, she’s playing piano on the track. She’s friends with Hadfield, they’re from the same area of Ontario. She last appeared on Boing Boing in a posting from Mark about her cover of Straight to Hell. And she wrote a song about Hadfield a while back, “Christopher” off of her album Asianblue.

  9. Josh Richard says:

    …damn, I want to go to space…

  10. dr_bombay says:

    my only quibble is that i wish the lyric “…and there’s nothing i can do” instead said “…and there’s so much left to do” (or something similar), because, you know…. yay science, and there’s so much more to know from the space program.

  11. Timothy Krause says:

    There’s a starman
    strumming in the skies
    he’d like us all to hear it
    but fears the suits will mind.
    There’s a staaaarman
    playing in the skies
    he asked the Man’s permission
    to televise his music mission,
    he told me:
    let the children ‘Tube it
    let the corps all lose it

  12. Eric Hartwell says:

    I think the lyric was “and there’s nothing more to do”. He’s coming home today, after all, and with that  radiator leak fixed on Saturday and the handover to Expedition 36 on Sunday there really is nothing left for Hadfield’s crew to do.

    • dr_bombay says:

      yeah, i understand that. it’s certainly an emotional take on it, coming from him. he’s been so amazing. maybe none of the other astronauts were as keen on the limelight, but i wish we had a chance to know them all as well we we got to know hadfield these past few months. his videos, tweets, and photos have just been amazing.

    • jmcgarry says:

      Also, he’s been Commander of the ISS, has had illustrious careers at NASA/CSA-ACS and in Canada’s Armed Forces. He’s reached the very top of his professions. At his age and with his space time, it’s unlikely he’ll see that view again. Knowing that made me tear up when this got posted last night. And the thought that Canada might be down to only 2 active astronauts soon.

      • Anoz says:

        Top of his professions is putting it lightly.  Not sure there’s anyone else who can say they’ve commanded multiple missions (both in space and under the ocean), been in charge of both NASA and GCTC, and supported many launches and missions.  Plus 25 years of well-recognized military service. 

  13. Col. Chris Hadfield deserves a Nobel Peace
    Prize for his extraordinary efforts to describe & illuminate the
    wonders of the universe for, & thereby unite, the inhabitants of
    this awesome big blue marble. The icing on the cake is his  “Space Oddity” performance.

    Please “like” this page if you agree! Be part of  getting Col. Hadfield a Nobel Peace Prize nomination!https://www.facebook.com/ColChrisHadfieldForNobelPeacePrize?hc_location=stream

    • jmcgarry says:

      I think more appropriately he deserves the Order of Canada. And lets toss in the Order of Ontario too :-)

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You generally have to have some creepy political/ religious agenda to be awarded one of those things. Unless he’s planning an invasion or running an anti-gay organization on the side, he doesn’t have a chance.

  14. Luther Blissett says:

    I’m surprised that it’s still up and running. Any country (exept China, I tried that… YT still completely blocked on the other side of my connection there) where this vid is not working? Anyone?

  15. strangevibe says:

    Has anybody run across  any “making of” that would help me understand what was “recorded in space”?  Like, the whole track in a digital audio workstation, the vocals, or just the video lip synching, or ??

  16. Sybil Tang says:

    very gay.

  17. wrecksdart says:

    Wow–that made my day.  Well done, Col Hadfield!!  That said, I think Ender could probably best him in his null-grav jumps…

  18. Alex Liddell says:

    totaly amazing what one can do in space and enjoy it,credit to them for trying to explore the cosmos and help us all understand about space and maybe one day travel to many planets