Cake-topped parfait

A chain of Osaka cafes sells a crazy parfait, topped with a ginormous piece of cake:

On a recent day out in Osaka, our reporter stopped by a café and ordered a truly hard-core parfait. It wasn’t that the parfait was so big, and no, it didn’t contain any shocking ingredients. What blew our minds about this parfait was its topping.

It was a slice of cake, and it was so big it wasn’t even trying to fit into the glass. Our reporter had this sweet-tasting tag-team at the Semba branch of Osaka-based café MIOR.

Who Needs a Cherry on Top? Osaka Café Crowns its Parfaits with Cake [Casey Baseel/RocketNews24]

(via Super Punch)


  1. Brilliant! Spirits industry, take notice! Next time I order a beer, I’d love it if it came with another beer on top.

  2. conspicuous consumption of carbohydrates not directly assignable to horrid fat americans?  inconceivable!   (perhaps the chef hails originally from nebraska. that would make the world seem sane again)

  3. OK, take this away and bring me back the chocolate parts and a cup of coffee, thanks.

    1. Correction, people are fat because “fat” is an arbitrary social metric.

      So many people are medically obese because they lack proper nutrition, self-discipline, and they lead a sedentary life. I eat glorious confections like this. I even make glorious confections (though I hadn’t thought of this). What I don’t do is eat things like this every day. If someone eats birthday cake every day of the year and then says birthday cake is why they can’t manage their BMI, they’re missing the part where they decided to live glutinously.

      1. Leave it to a motherfucking Boingboinger to come up with a way i can get a computer to generate INFINITE DESERT^^

    1. Great. Now that’s all I want to eat now, and I’ll never get my hands on one.

    2.  Daimaru in Umeda used to cut them right off the ‘skewer’ and sell them hot. :'( how I miss it so.

  4. I wouldn’t call it cake.  I’d call it pie: the crust is made of cake, but it’s a pie.

    /Actually, I was wondering if those strawberry tasted like..y’know..strawberry.  They have to totally-devoid-of-flavour look.

  5. I had something similar happen with an entree once, but it turned out that the waiter just accidentally left a hamburger sitting on top of my pizza.

  6. I am very fond of that kind of cream cake, and wish they were more popular in the US.  We seem to be a nation of boring cake eaters.  There is more to cake than sponge cake and buttercream people!

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