Bamboo wok brush: easy, no-soap wok and pan cleaning tool


5 Responses to “Bamboo wok brush: easy, no-soap wok and pan cleaning tool”

  1. dr_bombay says:

    the pic of water running into a wok made me squeal in horror.

  2. noah django says:

    my old roommate was a chef and made me promise never to wash his wok with soap.  he didn’t have a wok brush.  his instruction was to wipe it out and if there was still gunk stuck on it to scrub it with granulated salt.  he never said anything about running water, which I did use to rinse it, but he never reprimanded me for it.  did I goof?

  3. chgoliz says:

    I used to use these bamboo brushes but I found they get gunky with cooking oil. Now I keep a small wire grill brush for my cast iron and have been much happier with that solution.  It can be thrown in the dishwasher, so the oil doesn’t build up, and it’s tough as nails.

    Noah, I agree with EH: hot water is perfectly fine to use on cast iron.  It’s soap/detergent you have to avoid.  Think of it this way: woks are also used to steam foods and make soups.  It’s OK to put liquids in them.

  4. Elvez says:

    I’ve got a no-name 8″ cast iron pan that laughs at the theory that soap destroys seasoning. You can cook an egg in it without oil or butter and it slides right out. But when I cook really saucy stuff in it, I’ll wash it with soap afterwards. Had it for years, still rockin’ the no-stick despite everyone’s notions how “dat’s not okay!”

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