Banished - town simulator for PC

Over at Boing Boing's G+ Community, D.S. Deboer says:

Just a heads up on a cool indie game in development right now. It's a village simulator called Banished, and it looks pretty neat. It hasn't been released yet, but I'm following its development pretty closely and almost certainly buying it when it comes out.

What's great is that the developer is doing a lot of detailed blog posts about how he's developing the game, and the decisions he's making re: pathfinding, features, etc. And there are some YouTube videos of gameplay that are making me very excited.

Banished - town simulator for PC


  1. Wow, this looks so nice.  But it really needs always-on DRM and servers that crash daily.

    1. I personally won’t be buying it until traffic is unable to turn left except at intersections.

      1. To be honest, I want this game so hard my disappointment is almost guaranteed. Shut up and take my money!

  2. Hope he can complete this – he’s a one-man-band and IIRC is coding everything from the ground up; no licensed engines.

  3. Beautiful! Takes a lot from other similar games, of course, but it looks great.

    Does “PC” mean “Windows” in this context? I’m never clear.

      1. Well, it does look like he may consider having a kickstarter or something when the game development is a little further along.

        I would certainly chip in $30 towards porting it over to Mac/Linux. That’s exactly the kind of work that can be well-parallelized beyond a one-man team if you have the funds.

  4. This is really beautiful, and the discussion of the process is really amazingly generous to any indie developers out there. Inspired and inspirational.

    also, the thought occurs, but may be meaninless-
    PBS Colonial House:Real World::Banished:The Sims

  5. I love the tree falling animation! Now I have to go and waste a morning reading all of his blog entries.

  6. Rock Paper Shotgun (which is the only gamin news site that matters) did a nice little feature on it:

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