Enchanting Michael Jackson doll on Etsy


12 Responses to “Enchanting Michael Jackson doll on Etsy”

  1. Doctor J. Orbital Death-Ray says:

    I take it “Enchanting” in this context means “AAAAAAAAAGLHAGLAGHLHLGFH!!!!”

  2. Ian McLoud says:

    I would say that I want the $5 smoking baby more than the $240 Jackson troll, however, I already own an identical smoking baby and I simply can’t care for twins.

    • chellberty says:

      you wouldn’t have to take care of them for too long being exposed to cigarette smoke  has been linked to sids.

  3. Art On Web says:

    This is not a doll.
    This is a monster!

  4. madopal says:

    Wow, it’s like Spitting Image and Cabbage Patch Kids had a shame baby.

  5. Soon Lee says:

    Enchanting: ” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  6. OgilvyTheAstronomer says:

    To rip a line from Infinite Jest —”The integrity of my sleep has been forever compromised, sir”.

  7. I miss Regretsy so very much right now.

  8. jtgii says:

    He looks like Jeff Dunham’s Peanut

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