Guatemala: Rios Montt supporters protest; court considers reparations for genocide victims


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  1. Nadreck says:

    Here’s hoping the verdict, and the rule of law, stand in this case.

    Nitpick: Wasn’t Saddam convicted in an Iraqi court of genocide over the nerve gas attacks that wiped out about 5,000 Kurds?  (Or was it the genocide of the Marsh Arabs?) I know that there were so many capital crimes to charge him with that they quit after the first three or four but I can’t quite remember if any of the genocide charges made the cut.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      He was never tried for or convicted of genocide in a domestic court.

      • Nadreck says:

        Well, it’s all a muddle.  A trial for Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide w.r.t. the 100,000 or so Kurds that he killed with nerve gas and so on ran for several months in an Iraqi court.  It was all rendered moot when he exhausted his death penalty appeals from a previous trial for Crimes Against Humanity for killing about 150 Shia villagers and was hung before the second trail could resume.

        Anyway, it was nothing of the stature of this Guatemalan trial which represents a big step forward no matter how you count it.

        BTW – Thank you so much for your coverage of genocide: both here and w.r.t. Tibet.  Genocide is the 21st century’s dirty little secret and favourite pastime of governments of every stripe around the world.  Survivors of these campaigns wash up here in Toronto all the time (I know three) and their voices are seldom, if ever, heard.  Your articles give such survivors voice and it takes real courage to do so;  let alone be there on the spot for a trial such as the one in Guatemalan.

        • Gulliver says:

          Genocide  is by no means a 21st Century invention. It’s literally older than history. If you meant that secret genocide is new, well, no, it’s not new either. But I think most people are aware that genocide goes on. Don’t confuse apathy, or a simple sense of powerlessness, for obliviousness.

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