Real Stuff: Fatal Fellatio

[NSFW] "Her name's Kathy. I'll set you up with her after work." From Real Stuff #1 (Fantagraphics, December 1990). Read about this project and listen to Mark's interview with Dennis Eichhorn here.



  1. I read this in college over 20  years ago, before I had received an even decent blow job. Though the details of the story had smeared away in my memory, that single page with Kathy staring at me saying “remember me” remained indelibly.

    1. As if it were possible to forget the person who gave you best hummer of your life.

      My best friend still marvels at what a toothless fat woman in Tijuana did for him. 

    1. And really? Your work sucks if you can’t look at this there. It’s a comic with very poorly illustrated nudity.

    2.  As many, many of us here have said, over and over and over again.  BoingBoing is, as a whole, NSFW.  Get over it or get a new job. 

  2. I’m sorry, I’ll never complain about Haunted Mansion articles ever again!

  3. This one was a little light-hearted for my taste. Hoping for some edgier stuff next time.

    1. “Hoping for some edgier stuff next time.” says a guy called ‘the mudshark’

      (Google it kids)

  4. I don’t understand why people draw like this on purpose. Clearly somebody likes it, and I assume they are decent folks who love their mothers, but I really don’t grasp the appeal in trying to draw like a mentally disturbed nine-year-old.

  5. This looks like one of the stories that was published in Real Smut, the Eros Comix offshoot of Real Stuff where Eichhorn put all of his stories that had explicit sexual content. They’re pretty good, too–not so much porn (although Eros does plenty of that, too–the imprint kept its parent company, Fantagraphics, from going out of business after a devastating lawsuit nearly bankrupted them) as just autobiography that had sex in it, some stories funny, some sad, some quite disgusting, some all of the above. 

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