Slurring BBC radio presenter yanked from air

The BBC, in an unbylined report:

"Paula White was removed after 30 minutes of her afternoon show on Friday, which was to be her last show in that slot. ... A BBC spokesman said she had been "unable to continue as she was under par". The spokesman would not say if any other action had been taken."

"I'm not drunk. I've had a couple of drinks, but I'm not drunk! [squeaks]"


    1. We-ell – only if you use “par” in the golfing sense. I think this term derives from the debt markets where a bond selling below par is worth less than its face value. ISTBC

    2. Don’t make your pet peeve something you are wrong about! Being below par is bad, unless you are playing golf.

      “The key to this is surely the etymology: the meaning of ‘par’ in golf derives from the meaning of ‘par’ as ‘normal or expected quality, condition, or standard of something’, not the other way around.

      The relevant OED entry gives as the earliest examples of these respective uses:
      1776 H. Newdigate Let. in A. E. Newdigate-Newdegate Cheverels (1898) i. 11 : As to my Spirits they are rather above than below par.

      1887 W. Simpson Art of Golf 8 : He easily recalls how often he has done each hole in parfigures.”

      [copied from]

  1. It’s all fun and games until we learn that the microstroke-induced slurring was blamed on the booze…

    1. On that note, BBC Radio 6 had an incredible interview with Edwyn Collins (‘A Girld Like You’) yesterday – double cerebral haemorrhage, recovery and rehab, and amusing and in good spirits.  And still making music.

      I love good stories.

  2. Good for the BBC. She was a danger to everyone in her condition. Radio is not about fun, people.

  3. I remember watching a Carson show years ago when Shelley Winters was on. Johnny said “How are you?” And she talked for the entire 10 minute segment nonstop. Johnny never got another word in but he laughed a lot. What she talked about was just getting off the plane from Europe so I surmise she was did a hit of speed to avoid being jet lagged on teh show. They broke for commercial and when they came back she was gone. 

    1. As I recall, that describes every interaction that anyone ever had with Shelley Winters.

      1.  Not quite. Oliver Reed also got the bonus of having a champagne bucket of ice dumped on his head, also on Carson. Sadly, neither of these clips are on Youtube.

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