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An undated ad for a punk store in Newcastle offers batty punk tees for a mere £4.50 -- mid-1980s punk revival?



  1. It may be from the 80s, but it looks like someplace that Eric Von Zipper would shop.

  2. mid-1980s punk revival?

    The 0632 area code for Newcastle was replaced by 091 in 1982, so this must be before then. The shop in High Bridge was still there when I moved to Newcastle in 1993- they were full-on goth by then. I think it closed in about 1997 or so.

    1. The area code change started in 1982 but would have taken a while to complete – I’ve seen 20 months quoted for 0632 but also that the replacement code (091) wasn’t fully adopted until 1988.

      The shop still exists on the web and they claim to be 25 years old, so mid 80s sounds right.

      1. Another blog claims that very ad was published in the NME on 24th Dec 1983. Three cheers for google image search.

        I think part of the reason for full adoption of 091 not being till 1988 was that Durham and Sunderland were added later on.

  3. It’s good to see that they are online still, I remember the shop from way back then.

    1. Hi, Lee. Your webpage link should go on your disqus profile page, not in the comments.

  4. Yup, I used to get my black drainpipe jeans from there in the 80s. Jeans that would disintegrate in short order, as I recall (Geordie Jeans however, were nigh-on indestructible. My friend still has a pair).

  5. Send SAE, remember?  Self Addressed Envelope.
    Then there was SASE, Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

      1. Good catch!  Sounds logical, so I checked Wikipedia:

        A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE), or just self addressed envelope (SAE) in the UK…

  6. By the late 1980s they were producing lavish glossy photo catalogs. I had one dating from about 1988 when I was a teenage metal kid (nowadays I’m a 40-something metal kid). For all I know, the catalogue may still be in my parents’ attic.

    They have an online shop, and you can still find their stuff in some independent alternative clothing shops (presumably wholesale). A few years ago I picked up a pair of red+black stripey polyurethane drainpipes for a tenner in the Hellraiser shop in Leeds. I love those trousers – they rustle like crisp packets when you walk.

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