BRASSFT PUNK: Brass band covers of Daft Punk classics


19 Responses to “BRASSFT PUNK: Brass band covers of Daft Punk classics”

  1. Ramone says:

    This is wonderful!

  2. Brian Easton says:

    This is how I imagine Daft Punk would sound in Bioshock Infinite

  3. Crashproof says:

    This is much, much better than the overhyped new album.

  4. Dan Hibiki says:

    Needs some Tom Waits vocals.

  5. equilibrist says:

    Yikes…  Hate to bring the rain but that sucked.  That was not cross-genre post-neo coolness.  That was just an unimaginative re-instrumentation.

    Call Weird Al.  STAT!!

  6. I am sure this will inspire marching bands around the world.

  7. Gilbert Wham says:

    This has made me happy.

  8. doctorhu says:

    Wait. Am I hearing a saxophone in “One More Time?” That’s a wind instrument! Who let that guy into the brass band?

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