BRASSFT PUNK: Brass band covers of Daft Punk classics

If you're still thinking about Daft Punk after yesterday's excitement around Random Access Memories, you might appreciate this masterful New Orleans brass band cover EP of a few of their classics. Their Kickstarter to cover Get Lucky is also fully funded with four hours left!



          1. So what? I don’t care what “professional critics” think if I listen to an album and it sucks (and, yes, I’m a fan of their previous work).

            By all means, keep posting that link though. It didn’t make your point the first time after all.

  1. Yikes…  Hate to bring the rain but that sucked.  That was not cross-genre post-neo coolness.  That was just an unimaginative re-instrumentation.

    Call Weird Al.  STAT!!

  2. Wait. Am I hearing a saxophone in “One More Time?” That’s a wind instrument! Who let that guy into the brass band?

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