Canadian govt turns the national science agenda over to incumbent big businesses

Jonathan sez,

Apparently the Conservative government has decided that government research labs should be concentrating on science in the public interest ... oops, I mean, science in *industry's* interest. A major overhaul of national science policy requires these labs to begin "Conducting collaborative R&D projects with private industry, sharing the costs and the risks."

Notice, that's research in the service of *existing* industries. So government labs can help the current rich get richer, but may not create whole new industries. An applied mathematician might describe this as: you are allowed to climb toward the top of the hill you are on now, but not allowed to jump to other hills which may reach much higher. ...And your applied mathematician consultant would tell you that this is not a way likely to find a global maximum, merely a local one. Maybe the Conservative government should listen to some scientists before ruining science policy.

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a series of Conservative government attacks on science in Canada, which has included muzzling scientists and shutting down the Experimental Lakes Area -- "Canada's LHC," the world's leading site for critical research on freshwater systems.

Research council’s makeover leaves Canadian industry setting the agenda (Thanks, Jonathan!)


  1. Well, Commander Hadfield is BACK ON EARTH, suckers, and as soon as his muscles and bones are rehabbed enough to handle gravity, you anti-science punks better watch the eff out*

    *if you please (this is still Canada, after all)

    1. In other words, *useful* science can continue (because of the massive flack they received) but only if the government doesn’t have to pay for it. Typical Harper.

  2. I can’t wait to see what Midas Harper touches and turns to shit next.

    I can haz federal election plz?

  3. “Maybe the Conservative government should listen to some scientists before ruining science policy.”
    Yes, but they would have to care about science or education first. 

      1. Well, that’s it – so many conservatives seem to think they can change reality by wishing.

        ‘Never mind all your ‘research’ and ‘evidence’ – I have my mighty, unassailable opinion.’

    1. Ruining science policy is the POINT.  These fucking savages want to drag the rest of us back to the iron age with them so they can live out their Conan the Barbarian fantasies. 

  4. Wish there was a possibility of establishing the Nation of Science and Rational Thought for the Americas,  and let the people in the US and Canada who want to dismantle science when it is inconvenient for business go elsewhere

  5. If Harper has his way, eventually we will have no government since it will all be farmed out to various corporations on contract. He is without any doubt, the most backward, ignorant, anti-scientific,  anti-citizen (unless you are corporate) and anti-environmental politician we have ever produced. Why my fellow citizens continue to elect scum like this is beyond me, and extremely embarrassing I have to say. Its hard to be proud of being a Canadian when we let people like Harper ruin the country for their own selfish ends.

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