Terrifying celebrity video faceswaps

Come for Tom Hanks + Zooey Deschanel, stay for Mike Tyson + Michelle Obama, then run in terror from Sarah Palin + Honey Boo. The animated GIF has reached its apogee in Hybrid Celebrities, a collection of nightmarish video faceswaps at the distinctly NSFW DailyPicDump.com. [Thanks, Papa Fapa!] UPDATE: They're taken from this sketch. [Team Coco]


  1. Who knew that William Shatner was Kim and Chris’ love child, Michelle and Mike would give birth to Teal’c, and sticking Honey Boo Boo and Sarah Palin into Seth Brundle’s teleport device would do absolutely f**k all (except increase Sarah Palin’s IQ a dozen points)?

  2. Thanks, dude.  I just accidentally showed my gf’s 12 year old daughter a whole page lined on each side with Hot Thong Mamas and Best Butt Shots and Live Hot Sisters and Busty Babes and . . . now the poor kid is going to have to get another ‘difference between doing what feels good to you and exploitation’ chat before bedtime.   

        1. Yeah, I know.  Even tried to erase the comment since on second thought it sounded critical, but no dice.  They don’t have the Internet at my work, so never really had to pay attention to warnings until the whole kid at home thing-the complaint was supposed to me towards myself, for being so mesmerized by the mesmerizing GIFs that brain does not compute mere text.  

          1. Nobody reads warnings until it’s too late.  It seems to be part of the basic human hardware package.  I didn’t perceive your comment as critical, just humorous.

          2. Glad to know I’m not the only one.  It’s a weird position to be in-I mean, boobz the kid sees all the time, particularly at our parties or whenever we’re at marches.  It’s more like that it would be convenient to have a separate WAM tag for Women as Meat to differentiate it from all the regular NSFW stuff like bad language and ‘just some people getting off on each other’ sexy stuff.  But being someone who advocates for more warning labels doesn’t sit right, either.  Conundrum.  Link to The Perfect Moment, cool for us at home.   But this made me uncomfortable.  Got to thinking that perhaps there should be standards requiring diversity instead of censorship, like there should have to be male, trans, female, intersex and queer bodies all being used as sex fodder on the same page, so as not to fuck with girls’ self esteem, but that would be a nightmare to regulate and would also make porn as costly as romance novels in terms of the Blah Blah/Oh Yeah ratio.   

  3. It actually mostly just looks like people looking too masculine or feminine, which is why it’s funny right?  How is this not a transphobic joke at it’s core? Nice work boingboing.

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