"Poohenge" - Unusual inflatable sculpture graces Hong Kong park

"Complex Pile", an inflatable sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy, is displayed at the exhibition "Inflation!" on the grounds of a new park in Hong Kong. "The Park", as it will be called, will cover 14 hectares of landscaped public space devoted to the arts and culture. [Bobby Yip/Reuters]


  1. Nobody’s ever gonna believe it, but my first thought was actually, “Oh my God!  They killed Mothra!  You bastards!”

    1. My first thought was, “That looks like something Paul McCarthy would do.” . . . different strokes I guess.

    1. The poo of a small dog may be smaller, but they make up the difference with quantity.  Breeders can miniaturize a dog’s size, but not its ego.

      1. “At 34 metres long and weighing half a tonne, the Skywhale is at least twice as large as a standard hot-air balloon.
        Hanging from its giant whale-like body are ten huge pendulous breasts.”
        I am not sure knowing helps

  2. Look at the patchy state of the grass! It isn’t fit for an art installation… unless those are huge piss burn patches…

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