US seeks internet's help in tracking child porn producer, rescuing victim of ongoing abuse

A bulletin released online today from the US department of Homeland Security solicits the public's help in tracking down a child pornography producer suspect [shown here] who is seen in a series of videos in which a 7-9 year old girl is repeatedly sexually assaulted. "He appears to have what is commonly referred to as a 'beer gut,'" the criminal complaint explains [PDF], and there's an interesting section involving the forensic implications of packaging for a container of pretzels that show up in the videos.


  1. There’s a special place in hell for dirt bags like this. There’s also a special place for them in prison society, and from what I hear it’s worse than hell.

    1. Yeah, the good old Aryan Brotherhood dispensing that old-school justice we shy away from. Yee-ha!

    2. Yeah. Really wished I believed in hell when I think about these $#!t-eaters.  Prison couldn’t be worse than my hell.  My hell would be awesome. 

      But, I suppose his getting pounded in every sense of the word for as long as it takes for him to become a mindless pulp whose every orifice has been, through overuse, rendered incapable of holding its contents will have to suffice.

      Still, my hell would be worse. If only I had omniscience and omnipotence instead of just this damn keyboard.

      1. After a short trip down the rabbit hole, I see that the famous Mr. Swirly Face has already been out of jail for seven months.  That’s creepy.

        1. It abhors me how lenient the systems are on child abusers. The victims are changed for life, diverted from their original path, and I would venture never for the better.

          And I’m not sure about “curing” them.  You can cure a vandal, but the deep, ingrained, repetitive, conniving behaviours that lie behind paedophiles…you’d have to subtract their very DNA from their cells.

          And calculating recidivism among paedophiles can’t be useful, because once they’re caught, they’ll invent more and more sophisticated measures to prevent detection again.

          I don’t know, the whole thing disgusts me.  Psychological crime is so damaging.

        2.  And John Mark Karr underwent the sex change to become Alexis Valoran Reich before heading back to Thailand, too.

          They may not have been able to pin him…er, her…to Jon Benet Ramsey, but he’s certainly up to some weird stuff if rumors are to be believed.

  2. Surprised to learn Homeland Security has offices in Canada. But this guy is going to be caught in no time, those photos are jammed with clues and evidence.

        1. For some people it’s just too much effort to click on the little red words.  Thank goodness they can click through to the comments, where you’ve provided some helpful little red words to click!

          1. Do you not see the thumbs or something?

            Also the post makes no reference to the existence of more released photographs.

            Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

          2. Personally, I would have gone with an upward thrust for maximum entendre.

          3.  Some of us can’t *see* the little red words…they look just like the little *black* words.  Sure be nice if BoingBoing made a little effort to make clickable links useful to the color blind.

            I do get tired of playing “hunt the clickable word” game.

            Maybe underline them if that won’t upset someone’s feng shui or whyever they chose to use such a limiting method.

          4. Hey man, that really sucks. As a designer I feel that removing underlines from links makes a page far more visually appealing, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it could pose an accessibility problem. There are two solutions.

            1) BB, if they wanted to preserve visual style but make links more accessible to those who are colour blind, could always add underline on hover to the CSS (or even an ‘easyread’ version of the site with a differing stylesheet.

            2) Add this code as the url for a bookmark on your bookmark bar:


            Where #ffff00 is the hex code for a colour you can see. Then, when you navigate to any page you can just hit that bookmarklet (stupid name, but thats what they’re called) and every link on the page will be highlighted.

            Found out about this here where it says it’s for chrome, but I’ve tested it on FF and Safari as well (though safari is, as I’ve previously asserted, so junky that it wont let you add it as a bookmark, all you can do is edit an existing bookmark and add the js code in the url field.

            This is what you end up with after you click it:

    1.  What’s the the yellow canister next to the trash can?

      Gas mask cartridge? Looks a little heavy on that top seam

      Small surplus camping stove with small folding pot holder?  Not finding anything

      Oil filter?  Not really feeling it

      How about a small engine muffler?  What would be this color?

        1. I was noticing that it seemingly has vertical ridges for gripping or decoration, so that fits. 

          It’s not the yellow color of a DeWalt drill and does not seem to be that style of battery,

          But a battery makes sense with the asymmetry of the knob on top. 

        2. Also, the red cylindrical object right behind it looks as though it might be a sander or buffer of some kind.

          1. Too big for a hand held angle grinder. Bench mounted grinder just lying on the floor?  The red color could be Milwaukee or Skil

      1.  It’s not an oil filter, but your sense was in the right genre at least. Its a can of car wax, fits the shape and form perfectly.The object sitting on top of it appears to be a tape measure, but that’s much more of a guess than the wax.

    1. When you have video of them committing the crime, the only issue at trial tends to be competency to stand trial.

      1. Actually, nobody is even accused yet. Once he’s in an orange jumpsuit, I hope he gets a really good attorney, so that when he’s convicted there won’t be any doubt at all.

      2. Or perhaps whether the named defendant is actually the same person seen in the video. I’d sure hate to be that guy’s twin brother right about now.

    2. Wouldn’t you agree that him being in the same videos of a child being sexually abused is enough to arrest him? Enough to call out to the general public in an effort to find him and rescue that child?

      1. Hey, he could have been having an a half dozen episodes of pedophile sexsomnia, right? Or maybe that was an alien wearing a flesh mask that looks just like him.

      2.  No. You fucking get out.  First identify and find the guy.  Rescue the kid. Lock him up securely. Hold a fair (although probably quick) trial.  If and when convicted, THEN go medieval on his ass. 
        Or are you just in to being a vigilante? 

        1. The gentleman hasn’t been identified. Thus, the person under discussion is the guilty party, not a named person. A guilty party has no rights. A person charged with a crime has rights. The former is a theoretical construct. The letter is a person.

          1. So, if we find him but don’t identify him we can beat him to death with hammers?

            Sweet loophole.

          1.  And let me be the first to say, thank you for being so condescending and self-righteous.  You make BB comments SO much fun. 

      3. Is no one here familiar with the concept of the Seven Standard Faces? He has one of them. I know at least four men who would be picked out of a lineup on the basis of those photos. Let’s lynch them all, just to be safe, right?

        1. Who is talking about a lynching except people who are exaggerating  our reaction to bolster their irrelevant points about this guy’s right to a presumption of innocence. Cops typically* don’t just start shooting when they see a suspect. They investigate until they have enough evidence that they think they’ll get a successful conviction. I suppose you opposed to ‘wanted’ posters as well? Someone call the supreme court, the FBI has a most wanted list with pictures – pictures! of people they allege are criminals.

          *exceptions made for American cops

    3.  The phrase is “presumed innocent”. Presuming someone is innocent in order to give them a fair trial is not the same as them being innocent. Some guilty people are not found guilty, and some innocent people are. We can “presume” this “person” is innocent only up to the point where it’s clear he’s guilty – and he’s past that point.

      1. Um, this could use clarifying.  The presumption of innocence refers to the burden of proof in a court of law.  The prosecution must prove the defendant guilty.  In countries where they have Napoleanic law, the defendant is presumed guilty and must prove himself innocent.

        To beat this to death, if you go to trial and the prosecution and defense both rest without presenting evidence, under the presumption of innocence the defendant goes free.  Under the presumption of guilt, the defendant goes to jail.

        Personally, I much prefer the presumption of innocence.  It can be very difficult to prove a negative.

  3. Do barbers have a social networking site?  I’m betting his barber would nail him in a heartbeat.

  4. He’s a guitarist with an electric guitar, a Korg amp, and a mixer.  I work with musicians.  I will be on the lookout.  // Also, what a slob.  How disgusting.

    1. We should try to identify the guitars.  The electric looks like a Gibson, but there’s not enough of it in the pic to say for certain.  What about the acoustic guitar next to the perp?

    1. ESR’s eye isn’t lazy — quite the opposite.  It spends all its time looking for bugs.

      I still hate it when he looks at me like that.

    1. I see a 4-6 input mixing board to the right of the chair. I can’t tell which brand, though.

      1. I’m assuming the original image could have been blown up more. I’ve worked as a book designer and know a few photoshop tricks to use to increase the DPI of thumbnail images that work pretty well for jpg or tiff files, but they won’t work with a PDF. It’s the FBI, they must have a few tricks up their sleeve. 

  5. When on its own, I generally subscribe to the thought that pedophilia is a sickness that needs to be treated/committed rather than an evil that needs to be revenged upon.

    This case however highlights the criminal aspect (producing illegal material). So is he a pedophile (mental illness) or an opportunistic criminal? He might even be both.

    F**cked up stuff. :(

    1. We don’t even take proper care of disabled people and you’re worried about treating someone who has:

      a) ruined a child/children’s lives with indelible scars
      b) filmed it for his own pleasure
      c) distributed said films
      d) has done it enough to get a reputation with the Feds

      Treat people whose disabilities haven’t fucked up other people’s lives before you treat people who have. The point at which anyone’s selfish desires for personal gratification override the universal understanding that you dont bonk kids is the point at which I lose compassion for the perpetrator entirely. There are more vulnerable and more innocent people that need our help before pedos do.

      I generally subscribe to the thought that motherfuckers like this should be beaten to death and I would deliver the punishment myself if I could do it without repercussion.

      1.  You’re right. Why try to understand a problem when you can just beat it to a bloody pulp? Considering each case individually is stupid. Let’s lump the whole lot of’em into a fenced pit where you can shoot’em – and pedophilia will be gone. A job well done!  And anyone who suggests trying to figure out where the illness ends and the criminal starts is obviously “with” them, so we should kill them too.  Here’s your gun, go for your life. :)

        1. That’s a lot of compassion for pedophiles.  How much do you give to charity for people who don’t ruin children’s lives I wonder?

          1. Yes, I don’t wish to kill or beat anyone to death, criminals or not. Does that make me compassionate? I’m all for fixing the problem via treatment, punishment and preventive measures.

            I do not side with hysterical, blood-thirsty revenge.

            But once again – you’re mistaking “where does the illness ends and the criminal starts” with “compassion for the criminal”. Stop it.

        2. We live in a system of finite resources. It is impossible to spend money on everything. I prefer the limited money and treatment that is provided be directed towards people who manage their disease without ruining the lives of others, specifically the lives of children.

          Why don’t you go off and rob a bank today? Consequences. It has been shown time and again that without consequences humans consistently choose to be unethical for personal gain. I do not deny that sexual attraction to children is a disease of sorts (and hence would have treatment avenues) but I feel that the modern tendency to reclassify pedophilia in the ‘sickness’ rather than ‘self-interested criminality’ column gives validation to the pedophiles’ actions and desires within themselves. At some point the softly-softly approach is counter productive to the maintenance of social morality.

          Sure, if there was great funding for other mental health programs I’d be all for focusing on treatment of pedophiles but as it stands they already consume an unfair proportion of public funds while people get pissed about sensible governmental programs like universal heath care.

          It sure would be nice if all of those in need of treatment had access to the kinds of facility shown in this Louis Theroux doco:

          1. Who said anything about ‘validation’? It’s similar argument to decriminalizing drugs: Let’s make it easy to get help and treatment instead of locking them away in a prison. If it is a sickness without cure, let’s figure out a way to stop it in time – just like any number of other mental illnesses – to stop it from happening by prevention.

            An interesting article:

            If it’s about finite resources, how about redirecting money from wars, occupations and jailing pot smokers – towards health?

          2.  If it’s about finite resources, how about redirecting money from wars, occupations and jailing pot smokers – towards health?

            Hey, guy, those are all things I completely agree with. If you’d been commenting here for longer than a week you would’ve seen me instigate endless flamewars on the specific topics you raised.

            Framing my argument as ‘shrill’ doesn’t help this discussion whatsoever and falsely stating that my argument is the same as saying “kill anyone with a mental ill” shows you’re grasping at straws to make your point. Rebut the things I say, not the things you wish I said.

          3. PS, I notice you’re from the land of the Pedo Party who “sought to have the legal age-of-consent lowered to 12, and, in the long run, completely eliminated … They also aimed to equalize the legal age where one can perform in pornography with the legal age-of-consent. Prostitution would be legal at the age of 16. The PNVD wanted to legalise private use of child pornography (calling outlawing thereof “censorship” in the platform) and allow non-violent pornography to be screened on daytime television. Their platform also included legalization of humans engaging in sex with animals.”

            Stay classy, Holland.

          4.  I’m not from the ‘land of the Pedo party’ (nice way of phrasing it, I see what you did there). I’m Spanish, lived in the Netherlands for a few years, now I’m based in Melbourne.

            Not that it matters in the least where I live. At least I would argue that every country has them – the KKK or any other illegal minority. But at least it’s out in the open and can be discussed, changed, brought to attention and shone a light onto, rather than swept under the carpet and letting them fester underground.

            As for: “stating that my argument is the same as saying “kill anyone with a mental ill” …

            I was making the parallel between your emotional stance towards pedophiles (“I would kill him myself if there was no consequence) and similar emotional stances taken against any other stigmatized minority (terrorists, homosexuals, mentally-ill, etc) that traditionally offer no help, and are more about blind retribution than about changing things and looking for solutions.

            But it’s fine – we’ve both made our points and I have a clear picture of your arguments. I’ll just stand here, while you stand there. It’s been an interesting discussion. (seriously, no snark).

      2. Triage for whom to treat is a valid issue and not morally clear. For instance, since pedophilia is more damaging perhaps it is more important to treat it. We apparently don’t have the resources or “will” to imprison these people for life, and there aren’t that many places left to exile people to, so what other choice is there?

        However, Mr. Morales specifically disclaimed this particular case as blatantly criminal, so your a,b,c,d are kind of missing the point.

        1. Actually, we usually imprison them for life, because molesters don’t live long in prison.

          1. …at California’s Los Angeles County State Prison… At the end of 2001, about 83,000 state prison inmates, or about 6.8 percent, were male sex offenders who had committed a rape or sexual assault against a minor under age 18… Just 56 state and federal prisoners out of a population of about 1.3 million were actually killed by other inmates during the yearlong period between July 1999 and June 2000, and it was unknown how many were pedophiles…

            So… no.

        1. Are you being intentionally thick?

          Of course I’m not going to ruin my life with a serious conviction to expunge this earth of a vile piece of shit. That is implicit with my inclusion of “without reprecussions”.

          You’re clearly not taking my advice regarding logic. Also I didn’t see the sign in the queue for the internet saying I have to be nice. I will be condescending to someone who blows in to abuse me with irrelevant stuff like “If and when convicted, THEN go medieval on his ass.” which completely misrepresents the original point I was making: Don’t give me presumption of innocence off topic bullshit about this asshole’s human rights when he is raping at least one child.

          1.  So, you are privy to the whole story?  You know everything that has gone on in this case?  You are being a self-righteous blowhard as far as I can see.  Your comments are full of hate and vitriol. 

              You, personally don’t know that this “piece of shit” has been raping any children.  I will admit that the evidence looks bad, but it is NOT FOR YOU, TEABAG, to decide.  That is why they have courts and judges and stuff. 

              Lay off insulting me.  I am an intelligent, thoughtful liberal kind of guy.  You have no reason to attack me when I am just trying to argue. 

          2. Please show we where I was “being a self-righteous blowhard” with “comments .. full of hate and vitriol.” without provocation.

            I’ll throw stones when it’s deserved, thanks. I’m not the one calling commenters names, I’m merely challenging their points. I think you have a problem with me because I’m confident in my convictions and explain myself with solid logic. People on the internet hate those who can show them up and I have a strong feeling that’s what’s happening with you.

            I’d just like to point out that it was you who responded in anger to me, so don’t tell me to lay off insulting you. If you throw stones at a bee hive then you’re sure as hell going to get stung. I take pride in being the most reactionary, unpleasant bee hive on BB but I also back it up with research and points salient beyond insulting the person I disagree with.

            I’m happy to call a truce now but seriously man.. you poked me an I did not appreciate it. Now you’re getting all upset as if it wasn’t provoked.

            Things you called me in this ‘pleasant’ exchange:
            vigilante, condescending, self-righteous x2, blowhard, vitriolic, teabag (and you told me to get the fuck out)

            Things I said about you: illogical (with which the mod was in tacit agreement) and I asked if you were being thick. I also helped out a colour blind guy with accessibility while being a ‘vitriolic teabag’.

            Things you said about yourself: intelligent, thoughtful, liberal. If you don’t want an argument then don’t argue. If you are disagreed with then don’t take it personally.

            Get a room, you two.
            Only if I get free reign on the minibar

    2. There are several layers to this kind of perversion. 

      In some cases you could argue that it’s no more a mental illness than being really into feet.

      It’s the actions that define it, rather than the thought crime.

      1.  While I personally agree with you — actions being illegal, thought not — in practice the legal system isn’t quite that black-and-white on this topic. A person can produce fantasy child porn in which no children are used in its production and still be charged with child porn. Certain graphic novels, for example, are legal in Japan but illegal in the US even though they contain no images of real people.

        IMO this skirts dangerously close to “thought crime.” (And yes, I understand the arguments made for this state of affairs.)

        1. It would actually be interesting if we could de-sensationalize the issue, and eliminate the thought-crime component of the cultural discussion around it. It would be interesting for someone to do an actual study of those people, and how they work, what percentage of them actually commit abuse, and what percentage of them don’t. It would also be interesting to get insight as to whether it’s a curable mental illness (or a pathology caused by being the recipient of abuse), or a bona fide sexual preference which can’t be ‘cured,’ apart from celibacy. But as long as the rhetoric around the issue has the triple-exclamation-point tone of a Chris Hansen special, I don’t know if we’ll ever actually look clearly at this problem and find an actually effective way to address it and help kids.

          In the U.S. someone can have their life and career ruined for downloading Simpsons porn. I mean a.) that doesn’t make that guy a pedophile, and b.) even if he IS one, isn’t it a good thing that he works out his sexual stuff with victimless cartoon images than images that are the product of actual child abuse?

          Obviously the person photographed in this BoingBoing post is a criminal who took part in child abuse – and, actually, the issue of whether or not he is a pedophile is also beside the point in this case: If he’s not a pedophile, but just an opportunist abusing kids to make money off of an audience of pedophiles, or if he’s actually one and making those videos gets his rocks off, is doesn’t really make a difference. The reason he is a criminal is because he participated in the torture and abuse of children, not because he did or didn’t find that abuse sexually exciting.

    3. pedophilia is a sickness that needs to be treated/committed rather than an evil that needs to be revenged upon.

        Maybe we could treat it as a sickness that needs to be revenged upon, in order to cover all the bases.

  6. All the comments hoping that he is raped in prison are condoning prison rape.  No one deserves to be raped. Children, women, men. 

    1. Give me a break… I condone killing this motherfucker with an apple peeler and a bottle of vinegar.

      I find it very hard to believe you don’t wish unpleasant things on anyone. Do you think OBL deserved it? What about the Boston douchebag?

    2. Although this is perhaps a conversation for a different time, I agree wholeheartedly. 

      The death penalty is barbaric, rape is horrible, torture is wrong. Somebody doing something you don’t like shouldn’t change that perspective unless you didn’t really believe it to begin with.

      1. Exactly. The point of prison is to a.) rehabilitate or b.) barring the possibility to rehabilitation, keep the criminal apart from larger society to prevent future criminal incidents. ‘Punishment’ doesn’t work as a concept, and shouldn’t be part of the equation.

        But humans seem congenitally predisposed towards witch hunts, human sacrifices, and other ways of framing culture/justice that depend on the murder/abuse of a scape goat.

        1.  There’s some evidence that human attitudes towards punishment are culturally-derived rather than congenital.  Look up cross-cultural studies of the ultimatum game.

          But I agree that in western industrial culture there is an unspoken agreement that punishment is a large component of criminal justice and that this is not a good thing.

          1. But I agree that in western industrial culture there is an unspoken agreement that punishment is a large component of criminal justice and that this is not a good thing.

            As opposed to most of the world, where executions are an excuse for a family picnic?

          2. A fundamental principle in Danish prison regimes is normalisation, by which the re-offending rate is 27%, compared to the UK (55%).

            Punishment is a part of it, but so is prevention of re-offense and bettering of society. Disproportionate punishment (for the sake of blood-thirst or as ‘example’ to others) is simply not as effective.

            Does punishment by death stop crime?

        2. In the United States, prison is explicitly acknowledged to have absolutely no rehabilitative purpose.  It is purely a punishment, torture intended as revenge.  There may be different customs elsewhere.

          Code of Laws of the United States of America, title 18, part II, chapter 227, subchapter D, section 3582, part A: Factors To Be Considered in Imposing a Term of Imprisonment. – The court, in determining whether to impose a term of imprisonment, and, if a term of imprisonment is to be imposed, in determining the length of the term, shall consider the factors set forth in section 3553(a) to the extent that they are applicable, recognizing that imprisonment is not an appropriate means of promoting correction and rehabilitation.

      2. Torture is cruel, wrong and horrible, rape is torture, imprisonment is torture, and a dignified death is preferable to torture.  The death penalty is (in concept, if not necessarily in practice) a compassionate alternative to lifelong torture, although perhaps people with an unseemly terror of their inevitable end state cannot see this through their fear.

        1. My take on the death penalty, though, is that no state’s criminal justice system will ever be perfect and therefore such systems should not assign punishments that are not in some sense revocable.  You make an interesting argument and I’ll have to think about it but please consider how many death-row inmates have been freed by the Innocence Project (and how many more innocent convicts don’t meet their rather stringent criteria for review).

          In principle if the criminal justice system could be perfected you’d have a great point for, say, murder (petty theft not so much). But pragmatically that’s impossible so I don’t think I agree.

          1. Personally, if I’m ever wrongfully convicted I’d far rather be executed than imprisoned for life.

            That being said, you are absolutely right about the finality of wrongfully applied executions, and that’s a very important part of the debate.

      3. The death penalty is very effective in reducing recidivism.  (tongue in cheek)

        And you’d think it would be more cost effective.  Until you saw the appeals process.

  7. Going to music equipment stores where they sell all that music producing equipment , will turn up leads…. 

  8. OK I read all the comments so I could point out it is not this guy that we have to protect but the thousands of guys who look a little like him and might be beaten to death in the coming days for that “crime.”

    1. “Crime.” No no no. There is a real crime. Not a “crime.” Those quote marks are incredibly damning.

    2. At what point does an appeal for information from the public turn into people taking it upon themselves to beat people who look similar to a suspect? This is a completely over-exaggerated fear (which, as far as my memory serves me, I cannot recall ever happening in a comparable situation).

      While my previous posts said the perpetrator should be sliced into small pieces and treated in a vinegar bath, I wouldn’t inflict violence or abuse on a person unless I’m sure it’s the person who deserves it. Making a positive ID of a suspect is something which should be left for the police.

  9. Hope he’s found quickly – most importantly for the victim’s sake, as surely this is a risky move that is likely to force him into hiding almost instantly? Not to mention the potential for vigilanteism, whether it be aimed at him or someone who looks a bit like him.

  10. That will turn up too many leads to be useful. Finding everyone who owns a new or used guitar, Korg amp, small mixing board, and drum throne is just a little easier then making a list of everyone who buys Roll’d Gold pretzels and working the case from that angle. Unfortunately this is a case where you just spread the “Have you seen this man?” pictures until someone says “Hey! That’s Uncle Ernie!”

    1.  The idea here is that he likely goes to the same music equipment retailer over and over and someone who works there might be able to recognize the guy and dig out receipts.  Old-fashioned police work.

  11. The guitar in Photo_1 looks like either an Epiphone or GIbson Nighthawk. slanted bridge pickups (Humbuckers?) are very distinctive, and uncommon.  Could be Slant NHT Humbucker.Two knobs with a third control element I can’t identify make a distinct, unusual and clear triangle.Colouring looks like Fireburst (Epiphone).

    Can’t be too many of them around.  Musicians must know.

    1.  Good catch on the slanted humbuckers.  I wasn’t sure whether it was the bridge or the pickups that were slanted due to the weird angle of the guitar but I think you’re right.  If he bought it in a local store that’s a good lead.  Dunno how useful it is if he bought it on eBay though.

      1.  When I peered at the photo the humbuckers itched my brain.  I’ve only paid attention to them in pictures, but I_had_to_know so sleuthed around.

  12. Acoustic guitar is an Ovation. Fuck this guy for owning one. And for, you know, his appalling crimes.

  13. I recall once arguing that the legalisation of downloading illegal pornography would be a boon to the prosecution of the crime depicted, instead of just (as usual) the crime of masturbating to it. This seems to vindicate that idea.

  14. Wife identified one object as a canister of play-doh, so the victim may be a relative of the perpetrator.

    I have a stupid intuition that the perpetrator is a homeowner involved with set construction, not anyone who uses the equipment.

    Spindle of CDs on top of printer gives the impression the guy also builds his own computer systems; such spindles containing driver disks with features printed in that manner accumulate during system construction.

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